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Ski Advice Requested

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I'm a male, 5'7", 220 lbs, 28 years old and a level 7-8 skier.

I've been skiing Volkl Vectris V20s 177cm skis w/ Tyrolia LD20s at DIN 7ish.

I like to explore and go down any steep terrain where I can make somewhat controlled turns, but am terrible at bumps. That is something I want to work on, perhap starting with a lesson and then practice practice.

Thinking I should get a fatter ski which would help with powder and crud busting in the eastern sierra's. Any suggestions? Atomic M:EX?

Thanks for your feedback!
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Lesson is a great idea - combined with a demo would be even better if you could swing it. If I recall, that ski is a middle of the road intermediate carving ski. You may notice a big difference with a better ski, but definitely demo before buying. You don't want to overbuy. You say level 7 - 8, but terrible at bumps. That makes me think maybe more like level 6/7, but an instructor will be better able to assess that. It's an important distinction, because if you get too much ski, it might make it more difficult to improve in the bumps.
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Thanks for the response tumbler.

Yeah, I'm probably more like a 7, although I do enjoy steep terrain and exhibit control, which is why I said 8.

Is there a particular ski I should start demoing with? How about size? 177?

I'm headed up to UT next weekend. Is there a mountain out there that has "better" instructors? Should I request a PSIA Level 3 Instructor?
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Give the Volkl AC3 in 170 cm a try. It would be short enough for quick turns in the bumps but would still be stable everywhere else. I am about 10 lbs lighter and 3 inches taller and ski the AC4 in 170. It's geat everywhere, but a tad wide for the bumps, at least for me. They are still great but not ideal. The AC3 would be better for bumps the AC4 better for soft pow and crud.
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Great suggestion UTpowder! I'll demo those when I get to UT.

Any other suggestions? Keep 'em coming!
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Well If you like the way your volkls ride I would try the 5 star or the alstar.
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Originally Posted by pdJY
Great suggestion UTpowder! I'll demo those when I get to UT.

Any other suggestions? Keep 'em coming!
AC 3

I think that is worth trying too. How about the Nordica - the one below the Top Fule - help me.

The 5* is not enough ski for 220#. I think the AC 4 is not a good choice for your skill level. Also, the AC 4 would be more difficult to ski in bumps at your skill level.

Dynastar 8000 is also a great mid-fat. It's not too stiff but could be a bit above your level. There is also the 4800, lower cost and a fine ski for the right person.
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freeskinow - I think you're referring to the nitrous ski? I'll give that a shot as well, sounds like a great ski that's not too much for me. Thanks for the tips on the Dynastars as well.
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Any other skis I should try?

I'm going to hopefully try the Volkl AC3, Volkl Allstar, Dynastar 8000, & Nordica Nitrous. Any others that YOU can recommend?
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Another vote for the AC3. It's a good all-around ski and it's very easy. I prefer the AC4 for my needs but it could be a handful if you aren't comfortable in the bumps. I enjoy it in soft bumps but that's not really it's thing.

My cousin is exactly the same size and ability that you are and he just picked up the Elan Magfire 12 in a 176cm. He tried just about everything out there in the all-terrain class... including Volkls... and he picked the Elan. I could see a marked improvement in his skiing and confidence on the Elan. We were skiing just about every kind of terrian and the ski seemed to work really well for him in all conditions. Great looking ski too.

Should be good in UT next weekend. I just got back and it was killer. Headin' back on the 30th.

Good luck!

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If you can still find any in the shops, you may also want to look into the K2 Apache series. The Crossfire would be good in bumps, and the Recon is an excellent all around ski out west.
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Volkl AC3

I am 180 lbs and on the Volkl AX3 in 170. I would have described my ability two years ago (when I bought my AX3s) identical to what you have described. Now - which way to the bumps.

The AC3 is a good quality ski that leaves room to grow, but with enough forgiveness so as not to be punitive.

My Volkls, with a few group clinics, have made me a better skier.

If we ever had powder in the east, that is my major gap. No opportunity
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I don't think you'd have a problem with the AC4. I'm also a solid level 7, but at 6'0", 205. I demoed the AC4 in 170, which I thought would be too much ski being an 'expert' ski, and had no problems with them at all. I'm also weak when it comes to bumps... so don't feel bad. Give 'em a try if you can demo them.

That being said, I didn't particularly like the feel of the Volkls. They had good edge grip for their width, but they didn't excite me. I liked them in the Imperial, Horseshoe, and Contest bowls at Breck, but they were kind of blah on the groomers. Living in the midwest, that's where I spend the most of my time, outside of my two weekly trips west every year.
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