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Fleece Jackets

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OK, some jerk-off swiped my Columbia Ten Trail Sweater (paid only $40) and I can't seem to find it on the web in my size(L)/color (Black). I liked the weight/fit of this fleece better than TNF Denali. It just worked for me. If I can't find another Ten Trail, I guess I'll migrate over to the Denali unless someone can suggest a better 200-300 weight fleece with wind stopper or comparable that isn't $150. (Bob Wards currently has closeout colors of Denali for $115)
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check out lands end-their windstopper fleece are around $60
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Kohl's stores have some Columbia stuff. It is pretty much all on their sale racks. Not sure which fleece you are looking at or if there is a Kohl's near you.
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Check out beyondfleece.com

I've never tried any of their products but what they do looks very interesting. I've heard several positive comments here and some good reviews by backpacker magazine too, if that counts for anything.
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mountain hardware makes sick fleeces, with wind stopper. Really warm.
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Are you sure you want Windstopper fleece (which is a Malden Mills trademark)? The TNF Denali is regular 300 wt Polarfleece, not Windstopper. Windstopper has a windproof breathable membrane in the fleece- it works great, but does cut down on breathability a bit. If you plan to wear it under a shell, you probably don't need Windstopper fleece, and should look at either regular fleece, WindPro (a tighter weave that is intermediate in wind resistance), or ThermalPro (warmer than 200 wt but lighter in weight, nearly as warm, and more compressable than 300 wt).
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I want maximum versatility here. To wear alone OR under a shell. So, a fleece with Gore Windstopper may not be the correct choice. Based on previous post, I was looking at MH Tech Jacket and guess I'll spend the $ if need be. Can you help me out with product suggestions using Windpro or Thermalpro?
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Campmor has Columbia soft shells and fleece jackets for under $50.
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If you plan to wear the fleece as an outer layer, I would recommend windstopper for sure. Even on a mild day, skiing at a fair speed will send a chilly breeze through regular fleece products, and you may as well not even be wearing them. For an inner layer, I would go with a regular fleece -- it will breathe better and be more comfortable.

I have the Mtn Hardware Mtn Tech jacket with the windstopper fleece, which is my outer layer on mild days (anything above 35F when it's sunny out and no rain/snow). It has decent breathability, feels like a shirt rather than a jacket, and keeps wind/breeze out at speed. I tend to wear it over a single light base layer. It's a very nice jacket, and well worth the cost.

On cooler days, or when it's raining/snowing, I wear a goretex shell as the outer later. If it's really cold, I have a super-thin fleece zip-T sweater from LL Bean that I wear underneath. It has a waffle-pattern fleece fabric. I like it because it's not bulky. I am pretty sure the Mtn Hardware Mtn Tech jacket would be uncomfortable as an inner layer under a shell. It's not as soft or floppy as a regular fleece, and of course, the windstopper would be overkill and hamper breathability. For an inner layer, any old cheap fleece ought to do -- I doubt it matters. I would shop for one with the proper weight and fit. To me, the thinner and lighter the better.
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agree with skier219
www.mgear.com has discontinued colors of the Mt Hardwear Mtn Tech for $112 (perhaps the best one out there, and usually about $190).

If you want just 300wt fleece, and are in Denver, Garts has a whole bunch of TNF Denalis, mostly in larger sizes, for $60 in their sale tent.
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L.L. Bean is never a bad choice. Good stuf at reasonable prices, and they generally wear like iron.
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