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Atomic 8.20

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Was wondering if these skis would be ok for me? I'm just coming back to skiing after a 15 yr lay off due to kids. I'm 5ft 8 in, 150 lb and was an aggressive advanced skier who use to ski 25 days per season. I don't plan on sking more than 10 days per season now. My old skis are unshaped 195cm Fischer Racing Cuts which I used everywhere on the mountain.I'm looking for a easy all mountain ski to use mainly on groomed runs. Any suggestions on length? Thanks
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Welcome to EpicSki! The BetaRide 8.20 is suppose to be a very good ski. I recently owned the BetaRide 9.20, which is essentially the same ski only stiffer, and loved them. One can still find last year's 8.20s on sale here in Oregon and I would suggest that you look for those if you decide to go with this ski. Also, Atomic has great customer service. I broke my 9.20s in December (cracked a tip) and Atomic replaced the skis (although I ended up swapping them for something else).
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Badrat- Good to have met you! Forgot to ask. Does anyone know where I can get this year's indemnification list for bindings? If you guys don't know, pass it around and se if anyone else might know and tell me.
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