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Originally Posted by coug
I have only skiied in NE.. I have skiied some powder at times and last sunday being the latest.. It was ok... By the 3rd hour though, it was cut up and bumps started forming and I started sucking( I suck at bumps).. By the end of the day I was calling for hard snow conditions.. I just like a slight coat of loose snow with Fro Granular underneath or courduroy better.. Anybody else feel that way?.....

Please bottle your sweat and various other secretions so I can spray them on people in the Collins lift line. There need to be more of you in LCC.

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Originally Posted by Lars

Say a lady bitching to her friend at ABasin last Sunday. She was complaing that it was too icy. I said "lady, where I come from this is packed powder" she looked at me like I was nuts.
That's SO true. We're spoiled, and more so this year.

We went to Whistler last year, not during the rain, but during the aftermath. The snow was, um, sketchy. When it existed. But it could have been worse. We complained, of course, yet our friends from Pittsburgh thought we were crazy. "What's wrong with this snow??"
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My preference would be Utah's finest in a daily basis. My diet is actually eastern boiler plate. It's all good
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