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Whistler internet access

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I'm going to be in Whistler from March 11-25. I need to have internet access while there. I would prefer to be able to do it from the condo I'm staying at as opposed to going to a internet cafe. I know that means slow dial up, but I'm just checking e-mail and can live with that. I was thinking of getting an internet account of some kind while in Whistler. Any thoughts on providers where I could get access for 1 month. Thanks
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get access from Telus. Telus.net

or local at http://whistlerwebsites.com/InternetAccess.htm

Do NOT go to the sharks at Whistler Cable. Crappiest service ever.
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Thanks a bunch. Very helpful.
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Whatever you do, don't sign up for the wireless "Whooshnet". It only works in the middle of the village area, doesn't work if you walk into a restaurant or bar, and just basically is a rip off for the $50 or so.
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Call the wherever you're staying and ask if they have internet access. Some do, mine does. Some charge for it, some include it in the room rate.

I pay $60 for 28 days, time is only counted when connected. Only proviso is the time must be used within a year.
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