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Rossi Sickbird

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Does anyone have any experience with this ski?

If so, how did you like them and do you have them mounted Alpine or Tele?
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I just got these for my wife but she hasn't skied them yet. They seem to have a nice medium flex but are a tad heavier than I expected.

She's got the 171s mounted with freerides (randonee)...she'll get on them this weekend so I'll give you a second hand report on Sunday or Monday...

...good looking ski, no?

Oh and I think it is the same ski as the Scratch BC, just with different base material.
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Lars, check www.telemark-pyrenees.com, they tell you what B model the Birds are equivalent to. they're also running GREAT prices, check their "closeout deals" section.

I skied with a guy last Thurs who was on SickBirds with Fritschi Freerides, he raved about how fun they are.
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Great site unck.

I skied Sunday at ABasin with an Aussie Patroller that had a pair mounted Alpine. He said they were the best set up he's been on in years.

He compared them to the Seth Pistol but liked them better in moguls and hardpack. I wanted to try them but he didn't offer and I thought it would be ballsy to ask. Go figure.

Thanks for the website. I never knew it existed.

Thanks for the reply xeastcoaster.
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If you order from Telemark Pyrenees be sure to do the currency conversion. That sweet deal can vanish once you convert US Dollars into Euros and ad in shipping. A few years ago They were a great deal and had excellent service. Oh for the good old days when The Dollar was worth something on the world market.
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