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Ride Around Lake Tahoe

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I dropped this into Off-Season Sports but it seems to fit here as well.

See you there.
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You're a cyclist? I'd love to do the Tahoe Century.

I'm headed to Moab tomorrow to ride the Moab Skinny Tire Festival. Great timing because skiing in CO has taken a turn for the worse with rain and very warm temps ...but not warm enough for corn to develop. The Skinny Fest is 4 days. The last day is a tour through Arches Natl. Park sans cagers.

I'm looking at doing the STP (Seattle to Portland) double century this July.

I'd love to ride with some Bears. The last Bear I rode with was Barnes. We rode Mt. Evans from Idaho Springs (7,000 feet of gain in 28 miles topping out at 14,000+ feet.) It's the highest paved road in N. America.
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Just saw the last stage of the Tour of California in Redondo. Wouldn't have been interested had I not blown my knee last spring and taken up cycling to rehab my quad. It was impressive to see that level of rider. I like this sport.

Hope to do a 50 by summer.
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I'd really like to ride it but have a son graduating from high school that weekend. I guess I will have to be content with being one year older when I do it.
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fun and informative cycling forum.
great way to meet other cyclists near you.
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