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Skier's Edge

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I have a Skier's Edge machine for sale. It is several years old but hardly used. It is a "Classic" model. I think I paid at least $600 for it plus shipping. I am selling it for $250 plus shipping. It is in good shape.
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pm sent
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is it still available?
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Is your Skier's Edge machine still available? I'm a ski instructor at a small resort in lower Michigan and my boss was looking for a used Skier's Edge to buy. Let me know and I can forward the message to him.

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I'm interested. Is it still available?
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he pm'd me and said it was sold
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I used to own one. It was great for a month, until I got bored. Then it became an obstacle until I broke my toe on it. Finally sold it.

Great for some folks. My attention span was too short.
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