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Which size X-Scream Series should I buy today?

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EDIT: Nevermind. I went with the 187s. Thanks anyways. If you'd like to recommend some bindings, I would appreciate it.

I'm looking at getting a pair of the old X-Scream Series off of Ebay, but I'm not sure if I should get the 179 or 187. Here's a link in case you're not familiar with the skis. I mainly want my own skis to keep from throwing money away on rentals. I have boots and poles, so it seems to be a waste to pay $30+/day just for skis. I liked the X-Screams when I rented them at Vail 6 years ago, but they only had the 195 length, which was too long. I still skied great in them, though. I had to go 5 years without skiing, mainly because I was a poor college student. Last year, I used 175 Pilot Hots and didn't like them as much. The tails felt way too long, and it inhibited my turns (especially in bumps and crud). I thought that I would like them more than the X-Screams and planned on buying a pair, but not after using them. I would love to demo some more skis, but I'm not really in a position to do so at this point. I will be moving to New York or Vermont in 2-3 years, but the rental costs during the next 2-3 seasons would pay for 90% of the X-Screams. And I can always go to some demo days and buy some fatter skis after I move and keep the X-Screams as a non-powder pair (or sell them on Ebay).

I was originally set on getting 179s, but I haven't found any new ones on ebay; yet I have seen several 187s. So, is it just a toss-up between the two, or is there one size that you would recommend over the other?

I am 6'1", 175 lbs. I'm a decent skier, especially considering that I only ski 4-6 days/year (I live in Missouri and ski in Colorado). I can ski pretty much any black and I ski aggressively, but I stay away from the double blacks. I ski about 65% groomed runs, 25% powder, and about 10% bumps and trees, so I am really looking for an all-mountain ski. I prefer long turns on groomed runs, short turns in bumps and trees, and a mixture of both in powder. Also, I won't buy a ski without demoing it first, and since I don't plan on doing that for a few years, please don't recommend other skis.

Sorry for the long post, I just wanted to make sure to get it all out there. Thanks in advance for your help!
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I hope you got them for cheaper than the $280 buy it now price. That ski is pretty dated - but if you know you like it then it works. I would have recommended the 179 at your weight, but you'll probably have the longest skis in the tram...
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I got them for $195 after shipping. I could have gotten a better price on a used pair, but most of them on Ebay are demo skis, so I think the extra little bit of money is worth it. I know the skis are dated, but I don't have the time to demo new skis, and I hate throwing money away on the rentals (I would have spent about $160/trip for the next 2-3 years, which more than pays for the skis). I'm sure I could find a better ski out there, but after the rental cost and taking time out of my one trip per year to demo skis, the price is too high. I doubt I would find any under $200 either. Like I said before, I'll probably take time to demo skis after I move, so this is just a transition ski, and I personally think it's a good one.

About the length, I read more about it after making this post, and I think it was a toss-up between 179 and 187. I read a lot of old forums when the skis were current to see what they said about the length. Some people my size used the 179s and loved them, but others thought they sacrificed stability on high-speed groomers (which is mostly what I ski). I know that I'll have longer skis than most, but considering that the max size of many skis today is 180 and the max size of the X-screams was 195, I don't think it was the wrong choice for me.

So, that brings me to my next choice, which is the bindings. I'd like to stick with Salomon. I've been looking at the s810ti and the s912ti. Is there a huge difference between the two? Since these skis are thinner at the waste than current skis, what brake width do I need?

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Standard brakes should be fine. If it were me I would go for the 912 - higher end model than the 810. Your DIN is probably in the range of 7 +/-(just a guess, based on my weight and skier type compared to yours, but not knowing your boot sole length prevents an accurate number, so don't go changing it based on this guess), so either one is probably within the range.
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Tumbler, thanks for your help so far.

My ski boot size is 28.5. Well, I broadened my scope beyond Salomon bindings and am now thinking of going with the Look P10 or P12 lifter (04/05 model). I've found the Look bindings priced lower than the s912, and they seem to have a better reputation. Do you think the P10 is sufficient? If I do ski with a DIN of 7 or 8, a max of 10 seems as though it should be more than enough. I'm trying not to spend much more than $100 after shipping on the bindings, since that's more than half the price of the skis. However, I don't want to skimp on the bindings and regret it.
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There's nothing wrong with the P10. If anything, I think your main concern with bindings should be height. On an older mid-fat for fast skiing on the groomed you will want as much elevation as possible.

As regards the X-Scream length, I know that if you had bought it back when new Salomon's PR calculator would have put you on the 187. It was never meant for 6 day a year skiers but it's versatile and since you ski aggressively - if that equates to energetically - I think you'll be fine.
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The Look bindings are well thought of however, when buying bindings it is usually recommended by the techies that your Din setting be in the middle of the bindings range which would suggest a P12 in your case.
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Thanks for the help guys! Meganne, your comment about Salomon's PR calculator back then puts me more at ease. I was starting to regret my decision for the length, and I hate having buyer's remorse. It was pretty hard to find information about what length of skis to use for the X-Screams, which is why I put more faith in posts for several years ago than what people are saying about length today. I do ski very energetically. That was one of the reasons I liked using the X-Screams in the first place--I could ski with a lot of power, and the skis responded really well to that. It sucks being a 6-day-per-year skier, but I've got 2 1/2 years left until I get my Master's degree, and I can't afford to move where I want to until after that.

As far as the bindings go, the P12 seems to go for only $10-20 more than the P10 on Ebay, so I think to be on the safe side I would go with the P12. I've read that the Rossi Axial bindings are the same as the Look bindings, but since there are so many different models of Rossis, I'm kind of confused. Should I be looking at ones with a T-plate or the Axial Pro like this one? I like the idea of bindings with lift, although I'm not sure if I've ever skied on any before.
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The P12 is a great binding, one that I have used and would strongly recommend. For the $20 premium over the P10, you get the added benefit of being in the right range depending on your DIN. I've heard the same thing as Roboscapes - the only variation was that I thought they told me you would not want to be higher than 2/3 of the way up the DIN range.

Lastly - you gave your boot size, not boot sole length. If you look at this chart (out of date so use for demonstration purposes only), you'll see that you need your boot sole length in millimeters (stamped on the bottom of the boot usually) to calculate DIN.
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I completely missed the fact that you said boot sole length and not boot size. I didn't even know that that mattered (I always let the shop set my DIN, unless my skis keep popping off when they shouldn't). I'll have to check that out when I get home.
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187cm is totally perfect for you in that ski. I skied the 195cm for a while, and still have it in my basement (went wider). But I'm 6'1", ~185lb, and a very agressive expert with experience in big skis. I found it was a great transition from traditional skis into sidecut/midfat skis. It has a soft flex but a nice smooth feel, pretty stable but not too heavy, very nice all around for a narrower ski.

I'd go with the P12's.
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