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which twins??

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alright, gotta make a decision here quickly, anyone have anything good or bad to say about the following boards as an all mountain (trees, bumps, pow and alittle cruise) ski?? I'm 29, 5'-9"- 210lbs and pretty strong level 8 skier and I like to make quick short turns:
dynastar trouble maker in a 182 (I found a great deal on these)
head mojo 80 in a 181
elan M02 in a 175
volkl dogen in a 178

I'm trying to stay under 80mm for the waist.

let me know what ya think??
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The Dogen is pretty much park-specific - you may want to steer away from that and maybe consider the Karma if you're wanting Volkl. The Mojo seems to be a great ski from all I've read. I have a set of Rossi Sprayer BC's on the way, but I'm using them more as a "powder/off-piste" ski. You may want to consider the Rossi Scratch FS - I haven't found anyone who's had it that didn't like it.

I, personally move towards skis with vertical sidewalls rather than caps, so as to work a little better as a carver if needed, although TT's aren't really designed with that specofocaly in mind.

Hope that helps.
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One biased vote for the MO2s

Far stiffer than the Troublemakers.
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