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GMOL and Plug Boots

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I'm heading up to Stratton on Thursday night. Need new boots. So I made an appointment with Bill at GMOL. (Anybody here been fitted by Bill?)

I've heard enough people rave about plug boots on this forum that it kind of begs the question: Is there any reason I wouldn't want to go with plugs?

I'm an expert skier. Low 40's. Don't ski near as much as I used to (previously lived in Vermont and Colorado and skied alot, but now in DC), and I don't race, but I do like to ski fast and aggressively whenever I'm out there. I ski West more than East now these days. Oh and my foot's a little on the wide side. Does the width factor argue against a plug?

Thanks for any feedback,

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let Bill guide you
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Originally Posted by paulb
Oh and my foot's a little on the wide side. Does the width factor argue against a plug?
Not at all. In fact I have a somewhat wide foot but more importantly have had significant issues -- including having to have bone growths removed from my lateral forefoot. Not fun! My fit in the plug (or near plug, Atomic RT) is actually much better -- I have had no cramping or numbness in my foot as I did w/ my off the shelf X-Waves before, just some pressure points that were easliy resolved. I think this is because the whole boot fits so much better and more evenly and the thin liner really helps too -- that is except for cold days. brrr..
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I had Matt do my work at GMOL, but I suspect all their techs are pretty much equally qualified. They can't afford to have a knucklehead ruin their rep. Our profiles are very similar although I do get to ski a little more than you do these days. I can enthusiastically recommend a plug boot, but as another poster indicated, let the real experts at GMOL guide you. Look up my post on my experience there (it was in the Gear General forum). I brought my own boots in and Matt didn't even think about trying to sell me a new boot. Those guys are pros and will do what's best for you!
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