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Tecnica XT Size

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Some really decent prices on the XT on ebay. Yea I know only an idiot would buy a boot without trying it on first. Forum members that are experienced with how the XT fits , I'd like hear what you have to say. The largest size available is a 26 shell.

Currently I am in a 26 Atomic R10 boot 304 mm shell size. My shoe size is 10-10.5 , my foot is very flat, (use orthotics in boots) width of foot probably average to maybe a little narrow.

What do you think my prospects are of having the 26 XT fit? I think this shell is a little shorter than the Atomic shell I have in a 26. I have skinny calves so I have installed the Insta Prtint tongues in the Atomics and I have also shimmed the boot below the liner in the Atomic to take up some volume. The Atomic has the big toe box that I think makes it easier to downsize. I think I'll be fine with teh heel in the XT and the tighter cuff. I 'm worried if it will be long enough I guess.
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The 26 would be a small boot for you, I think. I wear an 8.5 street shoe and am in a 25.5 XT with a one-finger fit.
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There are some things you have to know. The XT liner does not have a neoprene toe box. IMO if you get the 26.5 you will probably have to make room for the toes. A good bootfitter should take care of that easily.

I have a 25.5 XT and i wear an 9 street shoe. The XT fits my foot out of the box. The only problem was the XT liner. My big toe was in pain. I am using a different liner now with a neoprene toe box. I did not even have to make room for the big toe.

IMO you could get it two sizes smaller and make room for the toes.
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I wear an 11 street shoe and have the 320mm XT shell (28.0/28.5). As I described in another post, my left foot measures out to a 27.0 and my right a 28.0 on ski boot sizing tools used at GMOL. The XT's fit true to those measurements. My right toes touch the end of the liner, the left toes are back just a bit. I also have flat feet, narrow ankles, but normal calves. I tend to agree with ssh that the 26 would be a bit too small, but you really need to get your feet measured using a tool the delivers mondopoint sizes. Depending on the manufacturer, I have worn running shoes ranging from 9.5 to 11.5 and they all fit about the same. I guess I'm trying to say that shoe size means nothing. You may have to go to a ski shop and ask them to measure your feet. How you get them to do that for you is up to you....
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I am a 9.5-10 street shoe, medium width. I guess I got "Technica feet" because I got a great shell fit with the 26.5 (303). One-half finger behind and no pressure points. Sorry mate, but the 26.5 may be a problem for 10-10.5. You may squeeze the into the shell, but the short liner is going to kill your big toe. That is why I sent back the new pair I got in favor of a used pair I bought from a fellow Bear, thinking that the toe would be packed out in the used liner. It was, but so was much of the liner. I considered the Zip liner, but ended up ordering the venerable Dobie lace up liner which has the neoprene toe box. You may get away with the 303 with some grinding work and the Dobie liner. Suddenly, the XT may not be such a bargain. True, the Ebay deal is $150 plus shipping, but then add $179 for the Dobie liner and the cost of boot work and you are in the $400+ range. I have to say that the XT is a great boot. If you gotta have it, try Al's Ski Barn which has the boot in the 303 and 311 ($219 http://www.untracked.com/highlight-174696.html). You pay them an additional $10 and they will send you a UPS return label. You may find that that the 311 is the ticket. If so, you got a great deal at $219. If not, send them both back. Cupolo also has the 26.5 for $149, with return priviledges (http://www.cupolosports.com/04teicraxtsk.html) Good luck.
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Thanks guys for the comments. It looks like the consensus is a 26 liner in this boot is not likely to provide a comfortable fit. I appreciate the responses.

I live maybe 4 hrs form Cupolos , I need to go try the boot on. I'll check out the return privelidgeds there. But if they take a month to ship it, my season will be over here.
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Note that the boots fit so closely to your foot/leg that unless you are well-balanced naturally (including a footbed that may correct some issues), you may hate the XT on-snow until you get them balanced. Just fair warning!
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