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Pocket tuning tool

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What's the best pocket tool for cleaning up and deburring edges after a day or two of skiing? Can I screw up my edges if I don't know what I'm doing with one of these tools?
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Some of them have pretty course files. Just make sure you get one that dosn't take off too much edge every pass.
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Hi prsoper,
I bought the *POCKET EDGE TUNER (Item #MTK-3016) from Tognar and replaced the mill with the diamond stone. I carry it skiing so that when I mess up the edge I can touch it up right then. Can't do anything serious but I leave that to the shop anyway. I like it.
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There's great stuff at Tognar. Check out the Pro-feel tuner at www.stockli.com, too.

Tognar also has great tips and tricks, and those guys are really nice!
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