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Racing on Plastic??? (Video)

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This is pretty cool, I have never seen anything like it. Anyone know what he is skiing on?

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Quite cool, DD. New to me too. Looks like he's actually carving on that mat. I could have used that during my Florida days.
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it just looks like typical Thumb breaker plastic. Have you seen the newest dry slope invention, Sno-Flex (I think it's called). With that they've created half-pipes, terrain features, and even mogul fields, and I don't think Sno-Flex has to be wet down the way thumb breaker mats do.
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That is dendix, its the Hillend ski slope in Edinburgh. For many skiers over on this side of the Atlantic its the only way we can ski on a regular basis. However, its relatively slow compared to snow and you need sharp edges and good technique in order to get any carve feeling from the surface.
Its almost like having the grip of hardpack granular with the speed of very wet, heavy spring snow. If anyone is interested I will post some photos soon of the slope I ski at.
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Interesting, it looks better than skiing on the huge indoor inclined carpet treadmills (not kidding) that they have here. The salesman at the place even told me that they were PSIA certified. I stifled a laugh...
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