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Nordica Beast 12's

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Does anyone ride these skis or have demoed them and have feedback on how they ride? I demoed some fat/midfat skis last year, and was wondering how the Nordica compared to these skis:

Pocket Rockets 185cm - Nice in soft Utah powder, but felt hesitant coming through turns and not that powerfull. The day I skied these I was in the backcountry 2 days after a 3 foot dump so they obviously skied very nicely, however I also ski a lot inbounds and I'm worried about these skis in the crud, where I have heard they do not perform well.

Sugar Daddy's 183cm - I skied on these the days after the Pocket Rockets. These felt extremely powerfull in the turns, and despite their 99mm waist I could still get them to sink in a good ways by driving the ski. They felt like a GS ski in powder. My complaints would be that the brakes on the bindings suck and don't hols the skis together well when climbing with them over you shoulders, and their lack of a turn radius at all really prevents you from having much fun when you on a groomed run out.

R:EX - Nice midfat. Skied these on a day at KMart with about 6 inches of new snow. They responded well, and I might go with these for an AT setup later, but I am looking for a real FAT ski.

I am about 6'2" and 210 pounds and would prefer a stiffer fat ski with twin tips. I'm looing at the Nordica because I can get a better deal on it than the more popular brand of skis.
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I own a pair of these and I really like them. As compared to the Pocket rockets the beasts are stiffer and have a more stable feel in my opinion. They have a good sidecut for fast carving turns and are surprisingly quick for a fat ski. If you have any further questions I would be happy to help.

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