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Hot Boxing??

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What is hot boxing in reference to waxing?
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My wife says it has something to do with the "Bikini" line. Does that help?

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Putting your boards in a "hot box"(heated by light bulbs) waxed and letting them "bake". Supposedly the wax is going to further impregnate the bases.
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Hot boxing is as said. A box heated by a heat source, be it light, or a heating element of some sorts. The theory is that it will allow the wax to absorb deeper into the base. With the base material now, only so much wax goes in, and that can be achieved with an iron. There is a huge risk of ruining skis in a hot box, resulting in delaminations and/or twisting of the ski. If the heat is at a temperature where those risks don't happen, it is not warm enough to melt the wax.

If you want really fast bases, there is no better way than to wax, scrape, brush and ski repeatedly.
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What has changed in the manufacturing process, or chemical composition that elinimated the need to hot box. A rough guess at best, but what would be the 'danger temp'.
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Artimus, I can't answer your question about bases, but my take on "hot boxing" is that it is silly. Maybe repair shops wanted to make money on their hot boxes other than on major epoxy repair jobs. So charge $30-$? for the latest treatment! Maybe when your bases have those little plastic hairs, some shop will start a base depillatory spa experience! With a ski masseuse, ("Oh, G4, you are very tense.").
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The hot box method has been around for a few decades, and bases have changed a great deal since. There are posts here and other sites with explations as to bases past and present. The temperature at which wax melts is around 125c, depending on hardness. Leaving your iron sitting on a ski for even a few minutes will damage it, so leaving your ski for a few hours at a temperature that will melt the wax can only be worse.

For the cost get yourself another bar of wax. Iron, scrape, brush and ski often. Skis get faster with use, since the base gets smoothened with use.
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I must say I was expecting another hot boxing question when i arrived in this thread. Something more along the lines of..."when i ride the gangala the lifties get pissed when a bunch of smoke roles out when the doors open at the top. what do I do to get them to chill out?" Ah well...
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JohnJ, LOL!!!

BetaRacer, I don't think they heat it up to that high temperature in the hot box. Ski wax is amorphous; therefore, it doesn't have a firmly established melting point; at lower temperatures, it flows slowly like a glacier. (PhysicsMan, please correct me here.) So keeping it for a long time at a lower but warm temperature actually will impregnate the wax into the bases very slowly. Anything below the waxing iron temperature will do.

But for myself, I doubt I will ever use hotboxing: my garage is quite a hotbox in the summer .
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> doesn't have a firmly established melting point; at lower temperatures, it flows slowly like a glacier. ...


In addition to the supposed deeper permeation of wax, another presumed advantage of a high quality (ie, thermostatically controlled) hot box is that it puts less mechanical stress on the skis - all the layers of the ski are at the same temprature, so there is no differential thermal expansion which could in principle cause ill effects. The usual danger from a hot box is that the operator doesn't want to wait long enough for it to slowly do its thing, so he cranks up the temp, and then you get into the realm of doing structural damage to the ski.

IMO, if done correctly, waxing in the usual way (ie, with an iron) works just fine. Unfortunately, its also prone to operator error, perhaps a bit more than a temp controlled hot box, but the latter takes longer, uses more space, etc. Ya payz yer money and u takes yur chances with both methods.

Tom / PM

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And all this time I thought that it involved farting under the covers. Who'd have thought it was all so scientific?
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teledave: you are thinkin of the infamous Dutch Oven. This is one of the most cruel and insensitive things tha we could/do to our spouse. The WORST of it is that she'll only go in once or twice and then slam the oven door shut. Just a thought...Would a batch of my triple bean chili work for hotboxing?? Slow constant riase in temperature
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