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New Vail Resorts CEO

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New Vail Resorts CEO was named today.

Robert A. Katz ~ Principal, Apollo Management, L.P.
Robert A. Katz, 37, was appointed a director of the Company in June 1996. Mr. Katz has been associated with Apollo Advisors, which, together with its affiliated investment managers, manages the Apollo Investment Funds in various capacities since 1990. Mr. Katz is a director of Spectrasite, Inc., Horizon PCS, Inc. and United Agri Products, Inc. Mr. Katz has been designated by the Board as Lead Director of the Company.

Makes me highly suspicious they are going to sell or have some other merger/acquisition-type plans, appointing a Board Member who is an investment guy, not a travel or hospitality or ski industry guy.

Apparently they also plan to move HQ from Avon to Denver, which I am sure is NOT going over well with some folks.

Anybody heard any further scuttlebutt?
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Bring back George!
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Yeah, at least George skied.
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