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I've become a boarding convert

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After having two outings on my board I decided to take both the board and my skiis this weekend for a trip up north. I was worried that I'd get tired of the bunny hill if I just brought the board.

I started out Friday night on skiis and had planned on sticking with them that night. Well..after a half hour I couldn't stop looking over and checking out the nice beginner runs and wishing I was boarding instead. Off went the skiis and on to the board. After 45 minutes or so of messing around on the tow rope hill I got my nerve up and started taking the lift up to some of the other longer green runs. I had a blast. I think I was driving my daughter nuts later when we got to the hotel and I kept talking about how excited I was to get out the next day.

During the night it snowed eight inches at the resort we were going to on Saturday. I've always been pretty hesitant skiing in powder but it is so much more enjoyable on the board. I was having so much fun I only took one 20 minute break all afternoon.

I know I still look like a rookie to the other boarders, but it sure is nice to get to the point where you can make you way around to different areas of the resort...instead of spending your time on the bunny hill. I even talked myself into going down a few blue runs without any disastrous results.

My poor skiis will never leave the basement for the rest of this season.
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Right on! There's a good chance the newness of it all is what's steering you towards the board. And yeah, doesn't fresh powder so completely rock on a board, even for a timid newbie?!?! All grins...

Lessee... I got my board just prior to Christmas, have 12 days out this winter (I'm a lowlander), but have my time split pretty evenly between board and skis.

But I can't deny, the appeal of the board at this point is the continual large steps I'm making each time out. Alternatively, getting back on the skis, getting some nice speed going, skiing where I want, and feeling confident in my ability, are all desireable experiences. So switching between board and skis has really struck a nice balance this season.
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Congrats guys...and welcoime. I hope you guys stick with it...
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Way to go SJ!

Take good care of those skis. They're great on the blue ice days.
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Sweet. Keep enjoying it.

I'm with therusty - keep the skis. I am a boarder first, but I have found that as I progress on one, it really helps the other. Consider it to be cross training. One definitely helps the other.
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Nice... congrats.

I'm right behind you in terms of conversion... but I'm pretty sure I'll prefer to stay ambidextrous when it comes to skiing and snowboarding.

My board arrived last week... but because of certain health issues, I can't ski/board for the rest of this season = (
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I am sure you'll enjoy it. My attitude has always been that it's all sliding so as long as you are having fun.
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OT.. I wanna alpine board but its next to impossbile to get demos or even rentals...
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Originally Posted by coug
OT.. I wanna alpine board but its next to impossbile to get demos or even rentals...
If you go to www.bomberonline.com someone would probably be willing to let you try theirs.
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come out and see me at Bousquet, I have some stuff we can get you on for a demo...

or contact bob Dea at Bomberonline...he too has some stuff and rides regularly at wawa...
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