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Rossi Bandit B3 advice

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About me: 29 yrs old, 6'3" 175lbs Ski in the Northeast, like to ski fast, hit powder (when we get it out here) Currently have Volkl P50 Platinum 188cm and looking for something a little different.

Any input on the Rossi Bandit B3's? How do they grip on ice, how do they do in crud, powder, bumps, quick short turns? I've been used to skiing a firm ski, are these things going to flop around alot? I'm probably looking at a 170cm-175cm length.

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i tried them after a 36 inch snowfall and had a huge smile on my face after a deep ,steeper run. they were awesome. it seems to me that is what they are best at. they seemed fairly responsive but floated when you flattened the bottoms, like all larger shovel skiis i have tried this year. i was buying skiis this year and demoed as many as i could.for loose snow and powder i would like them but they compete with quite a few nice skiis . for me it would be a matter of price as they ski great. i bought volkl allstars but need a ski like the b-3 still too. they skiied well in broken snow also but didin't try them on harder surfaces much except lower on mountain and they held ok.not great but ok
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I just skied this in a 176. I am 6'0", 200lbs, level 8 skier. Mammoth Mtn. some messed up crud...sun baked...some packed powder and mixed older moguls. I did a ton of research on this ski, however after skiing it, I must say...(contrary to a lot of marketing out there in the mags) I hated it. It could not hold any sort of edge for me and was not a ski I would feel confortable with on or off piste. Yes, I know it is Rossi's "crud buster" but I found nothing positive about it.

Having said this, I must say that I have heard a lot of advice from folks I trust in the bus. and folks I have seen ski..who like this stick. It just did'nt work for me.

I did buy the B-4 earlier in the year...and love it...love it, love it..in a size 178...For such a big ski...I can turn it quickly...even in soft bumps...and the pow performance is almost as good as my Dynastar Big Trouble's...just did'nt feel I was being held (funny...) by the B-3 well at all. Not recomending the B-4 for a main ski back east for u...too soft..but perhaps a Volkl AC4 in a 170...(you are lighter than I) or maybe demo a 174 in a Salomon Scrambler Hot...a fast ski edge to edge with great quick turns and still relatively stable...though if you ski it upright..the tip may wander a tiny bit..(this can be easily mitigated with tiny pressure on your toes..)

Like Gary Z. says...about his pow experience..perhaps this B-3 shines there...in that cond.

My advise? Stay away..however there are a ton of ski's out there..that may have what your looking for.
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