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Trigerred by T-Square's post in the SKI TOTES thread.
Post your ideas here.

Geze heelpiece brackets -> gridwall hangers
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One of the best I had heard of in a long time:

Marker MRR heelpiece as a door knocker

Then there's the obvious olds skis as an Adirondack chair.

I have an old center-pole double chair as a porch swing.
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I forgot....

Broken pole? Take the end with the grip, and cut it to about 12", then put it in a flower pot with some soil......

Pole Plant
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Broken Pole? Saw a notch about 12" up from the grip end. Saw off the point end of the pole about 18" in front of the notch. Drop a bottle rocket into the end of the pole. Light the fuse through the notch. Hold on to the grip and select a target.
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I've seen an old tyrolia toe peice drilled into a pipe...for tobacco of course...
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