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Thanks! I'm learning a lot from what you've all been posting here.
I used my steel brush (which arrived yesterday! ) for the first time yesterday. How do you clean your brushes??
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When they get REALLY loaded up, I usually just run them under hot water and let them air dry overnight. I haven't had to do it too often though - once a year at the most. Usually, I just rub them on the edge of my workbench and that gets rid of some. I don'I don't have a steel brush (although I'm thinking about it), but I don't think you should run that under water - it'll rust.
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Originally Posted by Taff
One great example was when some guy's were saying ' you have to spend the $$$ and buy some special superduper ptex iron cos it's the way to go etc etc ' and then some guy who does this for a living replied with ' I wouldn't use one of those irons if you gave it to me for free ' and he had to use one for work lol that was a perfect example. We all do this I know at some point or other, all I am trying to say is that you can do just as good a job with £50 worth of equip as you can with £500 of so called ski specific equip. All it needs is some thought.
I stayed out of that thread, but I disagreed with that comment completely. P-Tex candles worked great 15 years ago before sintered bases because that base material was about the same hardness as the candle, but bases have gotten a lot harder since then and p-tex candles haven't. I've been using a P-tex gun probably since they first came out about 10 years ago and also occasionally use a candle when my P-tex gun isn't available. fill a core shot with a P-tex candle and ski on it for several days, the repair, if it's still there will have worn down a lot more than the surrounding base. I've filled 6 inch core shots 1/4 inch wide with my Ptex gun, and watched it stay for the life of the ski. Try to scrape down a repair after a Ptex weld with a metal file after it hardens, darn near impossible, I use a sureform. A Ptex candle repair can almost be scraped down with a fingernail.
here's my wepon of choice
PS. back to the argument at hand, I could care less since I don't race, (some of you race geeks may cringe when you read this) but I use a plastic scraper, and finish up with scotch brite.
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