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Atomic race 9.20

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Anyone out there ski the Atomic 9.20 Beta Race? Im looking at this ski for high school racing and wondering how well it could hold up in both slalom and GS. Im 6'2" 175lb. Would a 180 be enough under me for GS but fast enough for slalom. My other option is to get a super slalom and race GS on some all mountain skis.
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The 9.20 isn't a real hardcore GS racing ski. It probably wouldn't be any fun on Wisconsin ice. How about racing on one pair of skis. Like a pair of 170cm Atomic, Fischer, Head, Volkl SL, or a pair of 180cm GS skis. If you're just starting racing you'll learn faster on one pair of skis.
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I agree with Nord. For serious SL in your weight class you should be on a 156'ish ski.

For a "one ski does all" splitting the numbers in about a 170 is about right.
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The Stockli Laser SC is designed as a slalom/GS hybrid. Check it out at www.stockli.com
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Biker, how good a racer are you and how competitive is the high school circuit you are racing in? For a hard-core skier the 9.20 would not be ideal, but for someone that is just getting into racing & is not planning on dedicating all their ski time to racing it would be fine. It would be much more forgiving than a short slalom & much easier to turn than a top-of-the-line GS ski.
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This is my third year racing for my highschool. The league is very split, there are those who have been racing since they were 3 and beat everyone else, and those who can't even put a ski into a carve. Although Im new to racing i have been skiing all my life and feel very comfortable carving up a GS course. i thing i could be compeditive with the "advantaged" racers with different equipment. i would especialy like to truely carve through a slalom course. Im racing on X screams and a pair of 9s pros (not the short ones, before that).

To give you an idea of how I can power a ski, I have been able to overpower the X screams (187cm) in a hard tight radius carve.
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What part of Wisconsin are you racing in? Are you racing on bigger hills like Rib Mountain or Ski Brule?
Do you get fast GS coures or are they like super slaloms? Do they set your slalom tighter than regulation? ie flush and hairpin gates less than 4 meters?
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We are racing on smaller hills. The GS courses are often set like "super slaloms" near the top and them stretch out towards the bottom (350-400ft vert). The slaloms seem to be kept fairly open because of the diversity in ablilities. However, since I don't have extensive racing experiance, its hard to compare to anything.
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I'll stick by my 170 SL recomendation. Unless you can get some 160 SL and a good used pair of 180-186 GS skis.

Go to this site. There are a couple pairs of Race Stock Salomons for sale.
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Today, I skied for the 16th time on my 180 cm '99-2000 Beta Race 9.20's. They're a great all-mountain Eastern ski. I love 'em! (I'm a 53-year-old ex-racer @ 5'8" 160 lbs.) But I'd recommend a super-slalom in 170 cm for your application - Atomic BetaRace 9.16 maybe.
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I've skied on my 190cm 2000 9.20s maybe 25 times now (bought for a song in fall 2001).
I've also demoed the 9.12s and 10.22s.
I find that they are very capable of short radius turns. If price is a factor, these can be found quite cheaply, and if slalom courses are indeed set relatively open where you're at, these skis might work well for you (in a slalom-like length).
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How are those 9.12's - I would love to demo a pair of those in 160cm. Do they handle well above slalom speeds?
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I tried the 9.20 Beta Race this afternoon. Light and quick with no bad habits. Probably a good ski to "split the numbers with" regarding double duty between GS & SL.

I tried the 170 and I'm 165 pounds. In short I liked it a lot.......
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Agree with Tominator, BetaRace 9.16 seems like a good compromise. Solid, versatile, fast.
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Last year I purchased the 9.20's at a length of 180cm specificly so I didn't have to coach or instruct on my race skis. I to am 6'2" and about your same weight. These skis are long and stiff enough to be a very effect GS ski but short enough and soft enough to be put through the slalom coarses as well. For your ability level, at this point, a longer slalom ski might be the way to go, but, for a ski that you will be able to grow into and just enjoy more all around I would go with the 9.20's.

Oh yah, If your gonna race get off those X-screams. TOOOOO SOFT!!! They wonthold up in a very hard race coarse.

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thanks- the screams are too soft, they throw me on my inside edge as soon as I over carve the ski.
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