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Giro 9 Vent Plugs

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Does anyone know if you can order replacement vent plugs for the Giro 9 helmet. Like an idiot i forgot to zip up the pocket I put them in and lost one of them.
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Giro has as good of a customer service record as anyone one on the planet. Call them and let them know, and they'll probably send you some replacements for free. They did for me.
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I've read lots of accounts similar to coach's. my son recently lost the goggle strap on his Giro Sonic, and Giro said they will send me a replacement strap as soon as it comes in (it's currently on backorder).
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While you wait for your new plugs to arrive you can just stuff paper in the holes. I did it last week and it worked fine, but looked kind of strange.
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Giro gives the ski shops tons of extra plugs I have never hada problem with getting replacments. You could in the mean time duct tape up the vents .
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Thanks for the help!
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They need to know your helmet size. My replacement plugs came in about a week after calling 800-456-2355
(or sending an email to feedback@giro.com )
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