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05 Atomics

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OK, I have the memory retention of an ant. I just got back from a day at Waterville. I stopped at Joe Jones on the way out and was looking at the skis. I noticed that they were carrying some of the 05 Atomics. I don't remember the names of them though. One of them had a shape of 127-76-115? It looked like a mini snowboard. Pretty amazing though, at 162cm, it had a turn radius of 11m. They have a SX-10 now with the titanium lobes on the top sheet. There was another one that was really shaped but can't remember the name and I wasn't even drinking. Has anyone else seen the new skis?
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I saw the Atomic M2Tron today (the "mini-snowboards" you saw) and the SX:10 (almost same graphics as the current SX:9). New Atomic binding design on both... The new K2 Public Enemy was also out. Wish we had better skiing conditions to try out the new stuff. Prices on this/last years models are starting to drop.
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