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Peculiar death @ Squaw: fall from bridge...

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From today's San Jose Mercury News:


I don't get to Squaw very often. Is this bridge at the base area, left of Home Run, along the condos?

Pretty bizzarre he wasn't seen given the crowded conditions last week.
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If its were I think it is, just below Headwall, it's not really that narrow. There are several bridges that are a couple of snowcat tracks wide.
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I'm pretty sure they are talking about the bridge right below headwall, and i also am wondering how nobody saw him.
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Oh man, that kid was way too young to die, and the Mercury article didn't leave his mother very much privacy in her grief.

The creek they described isn't even big enough to depict on the map; it's the kind of place that someone might fall in only if they were not paying attention. If he came in from skier's left then there's a lot less people coming that way. (Sunnyside, not Home Run: http://www.squaw.com/winter/mtnmap_upper.html)
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Here's an update to that story, with some video of the scene of the accident.


I'm not able to view the video from work but it sounds like the area discussed in the previous posts.
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Wow, so that's what happened.

We were there last Friday when this happened. The Ski patrol was posting signs that read "If you saw the accident on the bridge please contact the Ski Patrol"

We didn't see any other activity that would suggest that someone was killed. We actually thought that it was a car accident.

Very tragic.
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Lawsuit coming

Given the amount of documentation the family has provided the newspaper, a suit will be filed. It's a tragedy, and money won't bring their son back. If it prevents another person from falling in the creek, then it will serve a purpose.

People have to be responsible for taking care of themselves and not sue every time someone gets hurt or killed, especially when they're sliding down a snow/ice covered mountain.
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you may be right. this morning when i read the story in mercury news about the family re-visiting the site of the accident and trying to figure exactly how this happened - i found myself asking "rather than mourn the death and trying to see how to move on - would i go back to figure out what happened?" I doubt it.
(I say this with the caveat - that I understand that different people mourn differently). I just found it rather strange.
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Did you see the net-thingy? It's about 4 feet too short!
It's worse than having nothing at all; if there was nothing there, at least you would hit feet first; all that thing does is trip you so you go a** over tits.
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Ok, I finally watched the video.

I dunno... is it really much different than may trailside drop-offs you see alongside many tree-lined "green" runs at other mountains???

Yes, this is a drop-off into a creek as opposed to a steep slope into trees, but it is properly (and obviously) marked.

While tragic, I'd hate for one incident to be overblown to such a proportion that we suddenly find gates, rails or nets alongside any terrain feature that transitions flat to "risky", i.e. rock outcroppings, cornices, water crossings, etc.
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Yeah. I agree it's clearly visible.

The only way I can imagine someone going over is if they fell asleep on their ride, or if someone thought they would teach a speeder a lesson and give him a bump as he went by.
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Squaw is easily the most dangerous place I've been to. People flying out of control everywhere. Trails that are basically just roads on the mountain side. Way too many people. No margin for error.

Every time I've been there I've seen people crashing into one another at ultra-high speeds.
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