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Fischer -04

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Hi here are a link to Fischers -04 skis.
Much better design than this year. Skis thats missing is the new
FX 7,6 and 8,6 with the new aircarbon chassi. 4 tubes aircarbon and Fti sounds good.
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So the smaller waisted Big Stix are gone? Not a good marketing move if there is nothing between a 79 waisted park ski and the 106, and except for the park ski the widest waist is 68. What's up with that? Do I have to buy last years Big Stix 86 if I wanted a Fischer that's just not HUGE?

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Rusty Guy who reps for Fischer or someone else can report more accurately regarding the complete Fischer line for '04. I do go to Japan regularly and try to make it a point to visit Tokyo's many ski shops. Japan doesn't always import the full line of a ski company's products. They also don't bring in the longer sizes that are available elsewhere.

The Sceneo line with its 68mm waist is a all mountain short slalom type ski. The S500 is quite stiff longitudinally and not really suited to be a park ski. I'm not sure about others in the Sceneo line. Rusty Guy reports in another thread only one Sceneo model is coming into the USA next year. He has said that new FX series will essentially replace the Sceneo series, at least in this country.

EDIT: So as not to put words in Rusty Guys mouth, what he actually reported in a thread on the Sceneo 500 in the Consumer Gear Review section is that the "RX" series will replace the Sceneo series in the USA next season not the "FX" as I said above.
Sanchez's response below prompted me to correct my mistake.

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Teledave, you don't need last year's ski. What he means is that the 7.6 and the 8.6 aren't listed on the japanese site. However, they both have entirely new guts for next year, and will be released in the states.

The 8.6 in particular is awesome. I rode that ski all day long on a frozen groomer day (albeit in california) in a 190 length. I weigh 150lbs. The ski is just super sick. The carbon core is great and the frequency tuning makes a big difference.

So, no need for the indignation.

Also, its the RX series, in the RX4, RX6 and RX8 that is replacing the sceneo.

Its a great line with a consistent feel throughout, from the carvers to the fats to the race skis. I'm excited for next year.

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There is a 70, a 76, an 86, and a 106 Bigstix

There will be a Sceneo 100 and 200 which are basically beginner/intermediate skis

RX replaces the Sceneo 300,400, and 500 with a 4,6, and 8.

I own the 8 and it is a great ski. Slightly tighter turning radius than the 500. I've heard good stuff about the 6. The 4 is the same as the 6 in shape sans frequency tuning.

New "railflex" binding system and a boot line. I skied the boot and liked it.

I have a few of next years Bigstix demos in an 86 waist and a 185 length in perfect condition that I'll unload to pay bills for $400.00 plus shipping. Again, these are next years skis with Euro graphics. P.M. me if interested.

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The RX line is a new line added to the other skis. They do not replace the sceneos.There is still the Sceneo 500, 400, 300, 200 and 100. The Sceneo is called a "New Style Carve", while the RX line is called Skier-X/Expert Carve.
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Originally posted by booch:
The RX line is a new line added to the other skis. They do not replace the sceneos.There is still the Sceneo 500, 400, 300, 200 and 100. The Sceneo is called a "New Style Carve", while the RX line is called Skier-X/Expert Carve.

With all do respect, I work for Fischer in Colorado and what you are saying differs from the information given to me. In addition I'm staring at a 2003-2004 catalog with no Sceneo 300,400, or 500 in it. There is a 100 and 200, with verbiage about "aspiring carvers. My price sheet for next year also doesn't include the skis you mention.

Perhaps Fischer is doing something different in Canada, however, there are no 300,400, or 500s being sent to the USA.

The marketing for the RX is "race bred with all mountain versatility". There is no mention of "Skier X".

What the heck is "Skier X"????
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I am surprised that you work in the ski industry and dont know that Skier X is ski cross. Look at Atomic SX11 or Salomon Cross max. As far as your catalog it must be a abbreviated one for the USA, because I have the Fischer Catalog in front of me as well as the price list and those skis are listed. I realize you are the supposed Fischer expert on this site but you obviously arent being given all the info from your employer Fischer. I dont work for Fischer but I ski for them and have skied on the full line for next year including sceneo 100-500. If you can explain to me how to insert pictures on this site I have scanned the pictures in the catalog of the Sceneos as well as the page introducing the Skier-X line the RX4, 6, 8, and 10. Obviously I wont scan the price list to be published. If there is no way to put the pictures on the site I would be happy to email them to you.
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Somebody........Help the man! Tell him how to do it....
We want the pictures!!!!
By the way, the whole line would be fun to see, booch.
DH [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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This is certainly a mystery. Where are those missing Sceneo’s?

Canada expects to have Sceneos 100-500 for next season.
Japan will have Sceneos 100-500 PLUS a new model the Sceneo 600 with a full racing plate this next season.
The USA expects only two modest Sceneos to be available.

But wait, the plot thickens. The USA will have certain new RX and FX models Japan doesn’t list. And the Japan Fischer site has inexplicably gone down.

Those cagey guys in Reid, Austria may hold the key to solving this whole mystery. Maybe their marketing guys just thought that “Sceneo” sounded to euro for the USA market.

FWIW, I started this season by breaking my self-made promise not to buy new skis this year by buying a pair of 170cm Sceneo 500’s. I liked them so much I also bought a pair of Sceneo 500’s in 160cm length at an end of season sale. Both are fantastic skis. I now have my Sceneo supply. However, as good as the new RX line promises to be, I think it will be a shame if the Sceneo 400, 500 and (maybe even the S600) don’t make it to FISCHER USA’s warehouse in time for this next season.

P.S. Booch, “race bred with all mountain versatility” vs. “Skier-X/Expert Carve” may well have everything to do with how the RX line is being marketed in the US as opposed to Canada. I’m sure Rusty Guy is very familiar with what “Skier Cross” events are, especially since Fischer has enjoyed so much success in them of late. In the age of the global Internet, companies employing different marketing strategies in different geographical locations can create : among Internet users including the participants in Epic Ski.

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By Darkhorse:
Somebody........Help the man! Tell him how to do it....
We want the pictures!!!!
By the way, the whole line would be fun to see, booch.

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I'll try to get the story from TJ Larson who is in charge of Fischer sales in the Rockies.

You know it's funny.....certainly have watched a little, and I do mean, a little skier cross on OLN, however, I probably have watched about as much bowling. Must be a generation X thing!

booch, I believe you. You guys north of the border must be getting different stuff and different marketing. Same must be the case in Japan. Do the Canucks get the wild graphics!

By the way don't claim to be a Fischer expert. I did, however, lead the area in sales for resorts our size and was third in the Rockies overall. I sold a lot of Sceneos and WC SC's this year. They are great boards and I assure you the RX8 is a heck of an improvement over an already great ski.

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What about Fischer's Race line? I'm most interested in the RC4 GS, that I demoed early this spring and loved. Has anything really changed other than logo (if that?). Are they running the same sizes (ie 178?).

The link above to the japan site is down atm, and is all images to google cache is useless:-( .
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Delete everything in the address string after "jp/", and hit "go".

Don't try to "download translation". Unless you have special custom software your PC won't be able to perform the translation anyway.

When the Fischer site first comes up you will have to download the free Mediaplex flash to view the Fischer site. If you don't have high speed internet service, will take quite a while for the Fischer site to load. Don't give up.

Click on "Alpine" and those Fischer models available in Japan can be accessed.
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Thanks, I assumed the server was down when the direct link didn't work.
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Proneax-I will try to get an answer for you concerning any changes. The 04 catalog does not list lengths. If you know of anyone interested I have a 183 GS in the wrapper from last year that I'll sell cheap!

I just looked at the site for Japan. The race skis have the same graphics as the skis I have seen/own for next year. Nothing else is similar. They have none of the RX4,6, or 8's and we have none of the Sceneo's

It's kinda wild!

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Rusty Guy: Any updates? I've seen the new fischer site, but they don't reference the rc4 world cup gs only the world cup rc. Interesting.

Also, I'm looking for some advice on what size/type of ski to get.
Profile: I'm a high school racer section V new york, not the best but I've gotten competetive with the guys who also do USSA. I'm going to be a senior, but also looking ahead to some college racing . I'm 6ft even and about 155 lbs. Not getting any taller but I'll be getting heavier, if not from weight training from my freshman 15 next year. I'm currently on some dynastar sx's that are 186cm, and I'd like to get on something shorter.

So, I really liked the rc4 gs 178's but this year they are in 175/180 I'm thinking of going with the 175s but I don't want to go too short. (although my 157cm omeglass have kinda redefined my idea of 'short')
Also, would the rc's be something for me to consider? I haven't tried them, I know they would proably be more forgiving than the gs but I liked the stability of the gs, I could really rip on them and feel confident even after a couple short runs. What are the differences between the rc4 gs and rc4 rc. I know that the turning radius is lower on the rc, but what do you give up anything from the gs in terms of stability, etc.?
Sorry to throw all these questions out there. Really just three:

advice on size(I'll also be getting some from my coach, local rep and local shop owners)

opinion on whether I should consider the rc's

Differences between rc's and gs's
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I do have a little news and I'll say in a word it's kind of strange.

This is not the "right" website. Some of the skis on the site, most notable the RX10 is not coming to the US. TJ Larson with Fischer thinks a european site has been linked incorrectly to the US site. He called New Hampshire today and hopes it will get fixed.

The website doesn't show the SL or GS.

Proneax one word of caution is the catalog for next year says the RC is non FIS conforming in terms of sidecut. As far as length goes I wouldn't sweat too much concerning five cm. I don't pretend to be a race coach, however, I alternate between pairs of WC SC's that are five cm different in size and really can't tell the difference.

TJ says the SL and GS will be imported along with the the WC SC. At this point I don't really know what else is being sent in the race line. The SL and GS are pure laminate skis with a full sidewall. I am a little uneasy in answering your question about the difference between the GS and the RC. I think the RC lacks any metal or has one less sheet of metal and I think the dimensions are slightly different. Again, the 03/04 catalog states the sidecut for the RC is "non legal".

I also was again told no Sceneo 500 or 400's are coming to the US market.

Who Knows!
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I posted a european website;

The US website is not up yet and it is;

So, if you want to see what europe has to offer go to the first site. Our skis will differ and in some cases the graphics will differ.
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yeah, the new FIS standard is 21meter radius for gs skis, and the GS complies in all lengths, however the RC varies from 18 to 15m as you go from 185 to 170, according to the japanese site.

Thanks for the info, So the GS has more of a true vertical sidewall in the center of the ski whereas the RC has more of a curve down to the edges for the entire length of the ski?

Thanks for the info.
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I had a pair of the GS skis here for a while and yes it is a true laminate. I believe the RC is more of a blend between a laminate and a "cap ski" although I have only sold one pair last year and can't really remember.

I should have more product knowledge!

I sold mostly Sceneo 5's and 4's last year along with the WC SC. Those are the skis that I know the most about. I own the new RX8 and agree it's a tad better than the 500. Everyone who has tried the RX6 seems to like it as well.

I have gotten the "race stock" myth debunked. There are only a dozen or so folks getting "hand laid" skis out of the race department. What they like this year we get as a machine made ski next year. Anyone claiming to get race stock skis from Fischer is full of hot air.
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I have a pair of Fischer WC RC skis. They have a sandwich constuction with traditional sidewalls-no cap or partial cap. I'm not sure how else they may differ from the FIS compliant GS other than in sidecut.
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Thanks Lostboy!
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Got to check out the 03/04 RC and GS this weekend at the shop. The GS is available in 173, 178, 183 etc like last year(yea I get my 178s!!), contrary to the 170/175/180 etc sizes listed on the japanse site. Also, the biggest appreciable difference between the RC and GS is that the GS is flat across the top, while the RC is rounded so that the middle of the ski is taller than the edges, also the sidecut is different. not sure about weight, the RC is probably heavier because it seems to have more material. Both have a full vertical sidewall for the length of the ski, Looking at the sidewall I couldn't see any hints as to differences in the inner construction.

Both very sweet skis but I'm definitely going for the GS. I'm mad I have to wait until september to get my race deal. I want them now!
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Lostboy have you tried the WC SC and what's your thought on the difference?
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Rusty Guy,

I haven't skied on the Fischer WC SC. Heard that they are a really great ski though.
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I talked to a guy in charge of race sales at a local shop, he said that they are one of 6 shops in the country licsensed to be 'fischer race centers' or something like that, can't remember the terminology he used. Anyway, he was saying some interesting things about getting some 'race stock' as he termed it fischers that are 'flat' and maybe using a different plate.

I know Rusty Guy you've said there are no race stock fischers. What about getting them with different plates?

What is the difference between the racing booster and the racing plate? What other plate might be available?

Any word on the mounting issues seen last year with the plates?
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I have never heard of such a thing. P.M. me the shop name and I'll find out the deal.

The Sl and GS plate are one piece. The screws have a little float. I know of no issues in mounting different bindings.

I can only state I have been told by TJ Larson that hand made skis go to approximately eighteen skiers.
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I was referring to another post in this forum that mentioned some issues putting certain bindings on fischer plates.;f=7;t=000486

Now I only looked at the GS for a minute or so but I looked at the plate and I remember near the front there was about 1-2 cm and then a small gap 1-2mm in the side where I could look in and there seemed to be a screw or something there underneath the plate, I assumed it was to hold the plate to the ski. I didn't really give it much thought.
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