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Jay's Peak Accomodations

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Looking to travel to Jay's Peak March 10 skiing for two days and returning home on the 13th. My son(15) will be accompanying me while my wife(who does not ski) will probably pass given the travel and lack of off slope activities.
I have spoken to Hotel Jay and have received a quote which includes room, lift tickets. two dinners and 3 breakfasts. From what I've read of a couple of reviews the hotel sounds like it could use a facelift but give the shortness of our stay, the easy access to the slopes and food, I'm thinking it meets our basic needs.
I don't get the sense that there is much in the surrounding area with regard to restaurants and hotels like a Lake Placid or Stowe. Was hoping some of you NE bears could share some of your experiences in the area with regard to accomodations and food. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thxs.
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I think its called

Inverness, on the right as you get real close to Jay. Has an A-frame central and it's better than Jay's hotel. The Chef is owner and the food is great. Not much to do there but sleep and get up early to have at it again (the mountain). You'll need your rest.
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My son and I will probably be there at the same time. I've stayed at Hotel Jay several times but all over 12 years ago (pre kid). The dinners were great, but they were 2-3 hour, very relaxed affairs. Perfect for a couple or a group of adults, probably more time consuming and boring than you 15-year old will enjoy.

Snowline Lodge - closest to the access road, is inexpensive and servicable with a good breakfast included. Rooms were small motel rooms with an enclosed hallway outside your door where you can keep boots and skis.

We stayed at a motel in Newport, VT. about 20 miles away. Decent motel with an indoor pool and hot-tub for something like $69 a night, and that was between Xmas and New Years.

Inglenook looks nice - I haven't tried it yet.

When we go up in March I think we are sharing a condo with some friends. PM me if you want to make some turns.
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I meant Inverness, not Inglenook. Sorry
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Stayed at Hotel Jay with a group in December 05. It really needs a facelift but I think they are planning a new hotel and then to knock down the Hotel Jay. It is Motel 6 quality but it is good for skiers. Ate breakfast and dinner each day for five days in the Hotel Jay and it was really pretty good. Hope to go back with a group next year. It is fine for a place to sleep and shower. If you want five-star, go elsewhere.

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for a cheaper alternative...

Try the Newport City Motel - probably what crank was talking about - it's right off the highway about 20-25 minutes from Jay. They have an indoor pool and hot tub, rates are very cheap (AAA discount). Great pizza place in town along with a movie theater and bowling alley all in the same plaza (also have a Wendy’s in there if you’re a fast food person). NCM also has a good Chinese food place next door and an old-school silver car style diner which serves hot breakfast in the morning across the street. I've been staying there with friends the last 7 years or so and it's been good every time. I'll actually be there this Friday and Saturday to ski the weekend.


good luck.
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Yes it was the Newport City Motel. Also in Newport, on Main St. is a great Trattoria... I've forgotten the name, but not the excellent roast duck I had there and the ridiculously low prices.

Sorry to hear that the Hotel Jay is so run down. It was a nice place a dozen years ago.
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Another vote for staying at in Newport. The Tratoria (du Lac?) on the main drag has excellent food, but fills up quickly. Another dining option is to zip up to Magog and eat at some of the great restaurants up there.

Hotel Jay can be a good deal if you get the food and lift tickets included in the room price. Yes the rooms are dowdy but the food was always good in the past. The down side to the Jay Hotel is it is dead at night and there was free baby sitting or something so there were lots of kids around if that is an issue.
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Thanks all for the helpful tips. I've taken your advice and booked a room at the Newport City Inn. It looks to offer us more options with regard to dining and entertainment and the indoor pool may come in handy. That assumes there's anything left in the tank for such activities (that's a big assumption for this old guy).

Crank. I'll be the guy trying to catch up to his snowboarding son. Blue Phenix jacket with grey helmet. Hoping these winter conditions prevail and there's lots of snow in the glades. I've very little experience with this type of skiing so my prime objective will be to avoid wrapping myself around a tree. If you have any interest in doing some laps, let me know.

Must return to my mantra. SSNNNOOWW. SSNNOOWW.......
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some other options

On the Montgomery side of the mountain there are some nice inns. Mostly in Mongomery and Montgomery Center. Black Lantern Inn, The Inn On Trout River. For a quick bite try JR's in Montgomery. In Newport/Derby you have The Top Of The Hill Motel and a Super 8 for lodging. The Brown Cow near the Newport City Motel has a good breakfast. Eastside Restaurant is good for diner. It's across the bay from downtown Newport, past the theater then a left under the tracks then a quick left into the parking lot. It's great in the summer, too. This should be a good year for deals as the snowmobiling sucks and that brings in way more people to Newport/Derby than skiing does. There used to be a place in Montgomery called Zack's on the Rocks that used to offer a rather "unique" dining experience but I think it's closed now. The Belfry was also good for dinner and drinking. It was located on the Montgomery side on the "mountain road" (Rt 242). If you're looking for nightlife, you're pretty much stuck with Newport. It's not much to brag about either.
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