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'05-'06 Head Supershape review

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REVIEW: '05-'06 Head Worldcup Supershape, size 170cm, mounted with Tyrolia FreeFlex 14 bindings.

Skier info:

5'10" 155 lbs Level 8, using Rossi B2 boot ('03 model). Ski northern rockies primarily. Prefer crud, trees, pow fields and speedy groomers.

Other skis I own: Head iM 88 175cm, mounted with Look P12 Jib bindings; Black Diamond Havoc 173cm, mounted with Naxo N01 bindings.

Skis I like: Head iM 88 (like there's no other ski), Fischer Worldcup SC, Elan M666.

Skiing style: Chicken wing deluxe. Sometimes finesse, sometimes powerful, usually fast... or what feels fast to me at least. Don't like bumps, but I'll ski 'em for a change of setting or if they're in the way to something else I want to ski. Usually spend at least 20% of the day on groomers working on snow feel and ski feel. oriented more toward racing-style skiing than any new-school jibmeister stuff.

Conditions: scraped out hardpack, true ice, packed powder, crud up to 6" deep.

Review: shiz-nitty, what a ripper. I talked to dawgcatching about my impressions of the Monster 88 and told him I wanted an equally powerful, fun, stable slalom-esque ski that won't die in the bumps from pranging the metal sheets. He suggested this ski or the Elan Ripstick, in 170cm. I was concerned a bit about the 170cm reco given my antiquity and spindly frame, but apparently yoda, Weems and Arcmeister have taught me enough to work the big-ish 170cm w/o probs. That and my fairly speedy skiing, I guess.

The ski is like the Monster 88 with gobs of reserve power and amazing stability. The sweet spot is a tiny bit smaller than the Monster 88, and if you're too far forward or rearward the ski will feel like a piece of basura. If you get on the hot spot, beware the massive acceleration!

Despite the tail's breadth and the shape's wildness, the ski can be soft-finished even if you began the turn up high on edge. But you have to watch yourself... see my point on the hotspot... off the sweet spot, the control over the tail dissolves.

The tips hook up nicely with a slight roll inward. They will pull you into the ski's default radius, but you can alter that radius -- bigger requires some relaxation of angle and pressure, smaller takes the opposite.

Not quite as insistent on the supersmall turn as the Fischer WC SC I used to own, this ski feels good on big GS turns at high speeds... or, as I usually say, what feels like high speeds to me.

On ice and hardpack the ski is totally at home, as expected. Terrific edge hold made transitions from hardpack to ice seamless.

In soft snow bumps with some hardpack thrown in the mix, this ski does very well as long as you're not hammering the uphill sides of the bumps. Carve the troughs, work the sides, pop the gaps... all work well with these skis.

Much relief from the painful knees I have when I ski the Monster 88s on icy bumps, equal fun quotient, equal power quotient, equal stability. Another bliss vector from Head.
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Nice review, UC - and nice to see you back.
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Not that I'll allow myself to be distracted from my new Volkl All Stars, but . . . wtf is basura?

And while we're at it, WTF??? Antiquity?! Gimme a break! I've SEEN you, crud! You look like an overgrown twelve year old! Wanna trade places? In a heartbeat!
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basura = garbage
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that's bringin it with a strong review fresh off the comeback trail

Curious tho why you and dawg thought 170 vs 165 with shorter perhaps being more in contrast to the 175 head im88.....I would have thought you'd want a greater diff in length and a more radical/ tighter turning radius....especially at 155 lbs.

The supershape def is a ski I would like to try - sounds like a lot of fun.

Good review:

Welcome back....
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thankee for all the nice remarks folks.

br'er oboe, when I hit the 45 mark this past Jan 13, I assumed the mantle of antiquity in my own mind. the appearance is deceiving... even fooled me into thinking I'm not aging. jeezus that Dorian Grey guy was spooky.

hrstrat, the 170cm busts small turns waaaaaaaayyyy more easily than the Monster 88s.

and my Fischer WC SC were 160 cms, so I wasn't too eager to go too small.

and Scott/dawgcatching's advice so far has been pure filthy lucre! when he suggested 170, I accepted him at his word. and he was correct.
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So, you're saying that 19 years ago I was an ANTIQUE?! Kiss my Langes!
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Originally Posted by oboe
So, you're saying that 19 years ago I was an ANTIQUE?! Kiss my Langes!
not commenting on you, sir.

you're having quite a renaissance in both your working and your skiing lives, are you not?
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Nice review, UC! Now I really wish I could have gotten you on my B5s. But, the Supershapes are a nice all-around ski (and PMTS devotees love 'em!). For a narrow ski.
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Good review UC!

I also demoed the iSupershape (160cm) and they felt too short. And I generally love'em short and shaped. I can see many people go to 170cm, but I cannot see many people handle the 170cm version in the bumps.

If you have a chance, compare the iSupershape to the Elan SLX Fusion Pro. It is a perfect example of why I love that "Elan" feel. The Elan is smoother, more controlled in the rebound department, more glued to the snow and more manageable in the bumps, I think. Either way, both Supershapes and SLX would be wasted on traditional skiers who like to skid more than carve.

If I were to buy new skis this year, I would probably still go for a slightly detuned version of these skis - such as the Elan SL Fusion Pro.
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Tom, thanks. Honestly, I think our bumps are wider spaced and larger than yours in the East, at least as I recall those icy eastern new england bumps from my youth!

Don't be fooled into thinking I'm a mogul master, I'm far far far from that. I usually try to "GS" the bumps to the extent there's enough room and/or shape in the bump field for me to get that done. What I realized was that the waist of the Monster 88 requires that you get the ski well out from under you if you want to make shorter turns in rapid fire, and doing that in icy bumps was hurting my knees something fierce, as I was achieving it primarily with hip/knee angulation.
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I myself tried this ski several times and I must point out two things.
First: great review...very detailed...inspiring.
Second: I agree all the way with the review! congrats........
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Have to say word by word the same as zairule ... Very good ski , the real funcurver , no speed limit . The most versatile ski I skied this season , any surface , any speed , need skiled pilot .
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I demoed this ski earlier this year and loved it. My review is in here somewhere if you don't remember.

I didn't feel the tail dissolve problem, didn't really feel anything out of whack on this ski. But, know it's the kind of ski that wants to be skied all the time. Your mind can't go wandering off with this one on your feet.

I'd put it in the catagory of one of the top choices of the year for me. Perfect high speed ripper for our conditions. Might try to find one in a few weeks when the shops start dumping.
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Yes , yes , yes !!! Lars ! I started hunting - can have brand new with Tyrolia plates for 330 $ ( Europe ) . Is it good deal compared to US street prices ?
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I found a demo set up for $399 US.
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I wouidn't wait too long. Its a hot ski and the 170 is a tough find. I bought the last 170 Dawgcatching had and that was over a month ago. Best ski ever!
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Just bought them at 170cm for $524.00 at:


They also have FF14 bindings for $149.00!
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Help guys , how do you bevel Supershapes ? And what the factory do , I have two different answers from my dealer and and from my shop .
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Originally Posted by Lobo
Help guys , how do you bevel Supershapes ? And what the factory do , I have two different answers from my dealer and and from my shop .
Contact Head tech support directly for a definitive answer; did that to tune my Head quiver.
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BTW---If anyone's interest in these skis and can't find them, my local shop has 1 pair of each the 160, 165, and 170cm. They are $450 w/o bindings.

FWIW I'm not affilated with the shop. I just happened to take notice last night when I was in there.
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I can't believe you didn't add them to your quiver!
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Originally Posted by roundturns
I can't believe you didn't add them to your quiver!
They didn't have the 175cm.
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....plus I've got my eye on 2 other skis for '07.
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