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It's the demise of American culture.
Don't get me started.
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Just to give the English point of view. All through the winter we get coverage from two terrestrial channels and one satellite channel of most winter sports. On the satellite channel, Eurosport, we get just about all the skiing races across every discipline live, even those in the US, plus live biathlon, ski jumping, luge, skeleton, bobsled, etc. This enables those who are interested in winter sports to develop a knowledge of the sport including the athletes involved. Then when the Olympics come round you can identify with the competitors and the sports in a better way. Does this happen in the US? The coverage shows competitors from all the countries and doesn't have any bias. Advert brakes are few and short, particularly on Eurosport, and usually coincide with the natural breaks in the sports.

We've just come back from the US and caught most of the coverage while we were there. The things that irritated the most were the constant ad breaks and the lack of coverage of a lot of sports, usually those without strong a US presence.

It was good to get back to England for the last days of the Olympics just to catch up and watch some really good coverage. The closing ceremony was awful though!
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Couldnt agree more with PRC.
I come from a track and field background, so believe me, watching ANY American sports coverage exposes a lot about how we think, what and how we consume, and who we are. The Olympics this year really showed the weakness in how programmers perceive what an audience craves. CBS, ABC, and NBC should view our discussion on this board as a death knell: the horrid coverage, the constant slaps in the faces of Americans who are not in the NASCAR culture, and the lousy equity in timeslotting are all symptomatic of why terrestrial radio is in trouble. Real people have real personal tastes, choose to distinguish, are thoughtful and are passionate.

The programmers are out of touch.

I couldnt only blame them, however. I have to say that there is something disturbing in the culture of choice in America. I'm not so sure that "Dancing with the Stars" is an indicator of a critically thinking and healthy culture that values substance. American idol? Football culture? Disrespect for established science? The disturbing trend toward anti-intellectualism?

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Got to cut some slack for NBC now. I've been reading in the papers a little, USA Today and such. Incredible stuff, way lower than NBC. Looks to me like NBC are on an impossible mission. One letter to one of the papers kinda summarizes it to me: The gal complains that the commentators don't find all cheerful comments about ALL the athlets. Like in figure skating that a throw wasn't as high as the other pairs'. Well, the writer of the letter looks like a complete idiot, there's the show events for the cheerful part, right? Everything else is, ever head of, competition? USA Today even went so far as their #1 suggestion for improved ratings to turn Olympic coverage in some sort of reality TV show with more, you've guessed it, snowboarding. Oh my...
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Instead of just griping here I sent the email below to nbcolympicsfeedback@nbcuni.com which is the official email address for NBC Olympics feedback. The more of we skiers that complain, the more likely they'll listen more to us instead of their marketing bean counters.

Hello NBC,

I watched quite a lot of your Olympic coverage. I thought it was generally well presented but I do have some complaints your organization has certainly heard from others. First for some perspective let me state that I have been a alpine skier for three decades. I can speak for most of the skiing community by stating we would much much rather have some of the alpine event live than packaged, cut up, and presented tape delay in prime time. During this Olympics, some of those events were at odd hours in the wee hours of the morning or mid morning. I can't complain about putting some of those events packaged so during prime time. But how about also putting some of those events on live especially if it is during odd hours? Its the Olympics after all and there is no more tradition in competition in the winter games than in some of the alpine skiing events. Most ordinary folk will of course only be around to watch such events during prime time while you would make a lot of skiers happy allowing them to watch an event live. I thought Ryan and Brooker did a fine job though many on internet forums roundly condemned the whole NBC presentation compared to what CBC presented. I think that is mainly just misplaced disgruntlement as a result of the narrow prime time packaging. Please take a look at the http://forums.epicski.com/index.php forums to get a pulse on the skiing community thoughts of what NBC presented.

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thats becasue americans are winners and we dont wanna see any faringrrrs from any sissy countries. we only wanna see americans win.

in typical patton fashion-"Americans play to win at all times. I wouldn't give a hoot and hell for a man who lost and laughed. That's why Americans have never lost nor ever lose a war."
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I didn't look too hard but I wasn't able to find any email addresses for feedback on the nbcolympics pages. I really wanted to fire off some constructive criticism after each skiing event I watched. It amazed me that they would insulate themselves from both good and bad viewer feedback. Apparantly the only viewer feedback that matters is Neilsen ratings and how many people watch - not whether they enjoy what they watch or not.

Good find, I'll be sure to give them a well written piece of my mind.
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