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Ski sock reviews

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I would like to know what ski socks you have worn, why you like them and , why you do not
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Bridgedale Ultra Lights

Wool - doesn't stink as bad but still wicks
It's pretty damn thin yet still keeps my feet pretty warm.
Doesn't scrunch up and stays up on my calf all day long.
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I really like Thorlos. The boots always fit better with those on. Not very impressed with the various Fox River socks I've got, thin and thickish. They move around on the foot, they don't cling on. Thorlos stay in position. Trouble is they're rarely on sale!
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Another vote for Bridgedale Ultralights. They are warm and don't affect the boot fit.
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Thin is best. I like Nordstrom's over the calf (essentially kne high) dress socks. They are a thin cotton - poly blend sock; nice comfortable fit, and not expensive.
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I use the thin Thoro Over the Calf ski socks.
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Thorlo for years but this year I tried light Smartwool and I liked them so much I ordered 6 pair of their $15 every day socks.
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I bought some Smartwools off of SierraTradingPost a couple of months back. Way better than the Fox Rivers that I used to use. I've found that I prefer a decent wool sock to any synthetic variant. The Smartwools just happened to be inexpensive. I have also used an ultrathin dress sock, on occasion.

In the past year, I have gone from a sloppy boot/thicker sock to a very snug boot/ultra thin sock. It was like moving from a dumpy, ill handling, family barge to a zippy sports car.

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Same experience as Dave. I went to a more narrow boot plus dropped down one boot size this year. The first day or two I wore only a liner sock. Something small and slick. Now after a few days I'm up to a lightweight traditional ski sock. I would guess that a new boot that fits the first day with mid weight socks is really too big and will never fit right.
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I usually use Thorlo thins too, but I just got a pair of thin Euro wool blends and really like them. Seem to be a new brand in my area.
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Smartwool Ultralight.

Been using these exclusively for years. My boots fit very snugly and I don't want or need any additional padding.
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I have some over the calf by Dahlgren.
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I use hot chillys low-volume socks. They are very thin, but the best thing about them is that they are made specifically for skiing, and have a slight cinch elastic built into the arch area to prevent wrinkling. The tongue/shin area has a different material designed to interface with the tongue, the tiniest bit of cushion I guess. I have worn them when it is -5 degrees outside, so I guess they are warm.
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I use smartwools ultra light's and reccomend them highly, I believe there the brand reccomended by the Surefoot boot shops across the country
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Smartwool and Bridgedales are excellent. Follow the washing instructions and they'll last for years while still retaining their performance. Thorlo's wear out very quickly. Wigwam Ultramax are step up from Thorlo's but not as good as Smartwool and Bridgedales. Excellent for hiking, hunting and mountaineering.
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smart wool ultra lights. Have tried others, most notably hot chillys, thorlo and fox river, but find they feel 'clammy' or else bunch up. have not tired the bridgedales.
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I have Rohner ski socks that I like a lot, but they are getting old. Anybody ski barefoot?
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Smartwool medium and light have been my fave by far. I have some Thor-lo's too, but with tight fitting boots, the "pill" really digs into my ankles. The smartwool has a much "smoother" feel to it. I have a terrible problem with cold feet, and haven't had that problem since I got these - and some different boots!
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I like the Thorlos. I'm allergic to wool...
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I had a tough time with wool until I was in the Army ('89 - '99) - you get used to it whether you want to or not in basic...
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SmartWool Ultra light. They are evry thin for clode fitting boots and wick well. My favorite so far.
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Originally Posted by sno'more
Anybody ski barefoot?
I tried that once. I figured since I only wear the lightest of socks; what difference would it make? Found out the hard way a proper fitting sock keeps your shins from being rubbed to bloody pulp. : Seemed like a good idea at the time.

BTW, it was the Smartwool Ultralights that I picked up from SierraTradingPost. It seems weird to praise a sock, but they are quite nice. They stay up like they are glued to your calves, and don't itch, or feel clammy. That is all I expect, and it's more than most socks are capable of delivering.
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I wear Fox River socks. They have a pad on the bottom of the foot and the shin. They are very thin for a ski sock and yet fairly warm. Although, my toes get cold at times when the temp is in the teens.
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Columbia liners with Outlast and one pair of Ultimax. I like them very thin and wicking.
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All Ultimax. Makes getting into the boot easier + the bright colors make laundry sorting so simple even I can do it.

Ski Press Sock Review- lightweights
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I've been using great socks by Defeet for a few years now--better known for excellent bike socks--they recently got into the ski sock business--and yes, they have many goofy graphics (and cool ones!) on their ski socks too--but they'v been real durable and comfortable socks. As a company I like them a lot and I use a lot of their products.

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x-socks ski carving silver and ultralight

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I have tried all kinds of socks and calf height ultra thin dress socks work best for me, yes, I'm nuts.:
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Try Rohner the swiss socks.....they make the others obsolete.
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I had several pairs of Thorlos I liked, but when I went to add to the collection, I found they didn't make the same design any more. Then Vail SnoPro introduced me to the Fox River sock made with Smartwool. I picked up a dozen pairs and have been using them for three seasons so far. I've got another dozen I'll start using when the first dozen wears out. With a dozen pairs, they end up getting washed nine or 10 times a season. I'm careful to follow the directions to turn them inside-out before washing. Keeps them from pilling inside.
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