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AME-Freerider Ski info

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i,ve been skiing the xx for 3 years now.it works well in just about everything.the tails on mine are a bit stiff.evedently for this year the have softened the tips and tails but maintained torsional rigidity.the bandits are great skiis for idaho.do like the rossi site says,if you ski mostly 70%groomed and bumps bandit x,if you ski 50% groomed and 50% off trail and want to be ready when we have a day of fresh snow the xx is the choice.
i ski 40 days a year min. at bogus(10-20 elsewhere)and my choice if i could afford only one ski would be the xx.(or maybe the xxx)but not the x(i would like one in the quiver though).
looks like most of the mountains will be open by next weekend,so demo if you can,its the best wat to know for sure.

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Hey potatoe, you can't really compare the XX to the 11.20 fairly. A better comparison would be to the 922 beta ride . The 11.20 is a better speed machine and has a snappier feel, won't be as good in bumps as the Bandit but will be better in crud , powder about the same . Atomics 922 is more of the 50-50 ski but I find it snappier and skis shorter to get the same stability as the Rossi, eg. XX in a 191 cm felt closer to the 922 in 180 cm. than the 184 XX did.
The XX is a fun ski and so is the 922, demoe them both ....one or the other will be better for you but only you will be able to tell that.
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AME-Freerider Ski info

I am formerly an East Coast Skier, you konw hard pack and ice days...the good stuff...just moved out west, limited budget (can only afford one pair of skis)...looking for one ski that will do it all...I would say I am at level 8 to 9...was looking at the Atomic Beta Ride 11.20 but have not heard much about it...was also looking at the Rossi Bandit X and XX...anyone have a direction I should start demoing in????
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Thanks guys, the info was helpful...will be demoing by WED...Bogus opens WED!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Bogus bill, do you know anywhere around Boise that demos Atomic, if you do that would be helpful...

thanks again
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add the Fischer Sceneo series to your list to demo.
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idaho moutain touring is demoing atomic this year,but they might only do tele and randonee demos even know there selling some alpine gear.
i stopped by sunset sports today and they still have a few pair of last years xx and xxx in stock(only in 178 and 193)for i think 299.00.thats hard to beat.great prices on last years axial bindings too.
i cant make it up wed. but i'll probably spend the night in the parking lot on friday.cant wait.
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Idaho Potatoe, BogusBill - got a question for you. I put it in General Ski Discussion / Bogus Basin since it is unrelated.
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