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Removing my jacket hood

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I received a columbia titanium jacket for christmas last year. Its nice and makes for a good shell over my layers, but the hood is not removable. Instead it rolls up behind the collar and jsut looks sort of dumb and is relatively annoying. Anyone simply cut off a hood from a jacket like this. Does it just look strange or did it screw anything up? I can't imagine it'd be a problem.
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It's there for a reason, but I guess if you never see a reason to use it, it's your jacket do what you will.

Can't see that it should be so bad though and I wouldn't cut it off. I use the hood on various shells a lot. Comes in very handy. I typically just leave them unrolled anyway.
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I just recieved my sons Coulmbia "titanium" shell. The zipper is a pain the the velcro (wierd velcro) ... is useless after one year.

I'd leave the hood on and if your car breaks down in the rain ...
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I cut the hood out of my jacket that also rolled up into the collar. I found that with the hood rolled in there, i couldn't zip my jacket all the way up to the neck without choking. the hood didn't fit over my helmet anyhow. I have had no ill effects from doing it. Not a Columbia though...
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cut it off.
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You could have it altered by a tailor so it could be removable
and reattached with a zipper.
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cut it off.
Leave 1/2 attached the the jacket.
go buy some velcro from a fabric store.
sew on half of it to the remaining 1/2" of material on the jacket
and the other half to the remainder of the hood.

voila removable hood. without hood the velcro and remaining fabric are covered up and unseen.

tip: Don't buy cheap velcro, kinda like cheap rubbers works okay at first then....... BLOW OUT !

Screw Betty crocker I'm getting it on with Martha Stewart.
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I worked as a caregiver for a guy who had a Columbia Titanium shell, and the hood started to tear off on it's own, when I noticed it I was surprised that it wasn't actually detachable. As I recall the hoods on those are pretty chintzy, not a continuation of the hardshell, just sewn on and thin. I'd just rip (meaning cut out) the stitches if the thing bothers you.
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