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Powder Mtn Report - "careful"

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SKied Powder Mtn on Saturday. Conditions were fairly terrible. Groomers were fine, but most of the off trail was yucky, melted/refrozen crud. not that there wasn't a few stashes of powder on northern exposures in some trees, but overall it was not what I had hoped for. A few lines of snow here and there are not what I call powder skiing.

Powder Country - there are two areas, on each side of access road. One side was totally baked all day and was mashed potatoes(minus the garlic) when we skied it about 2pm. The other side we skied at 10am, we took the wrong line down , but it was frozen crud(although I am sure there were better ways down with a little local knowledge). Mashed potatoes in February - would hate to ski this place without real fresh snow in March/April.

Trouble is the mtn has a low elevation, top is at 8900", it is a fairly "flat" resort, with pitches eratically thrown in, tons of run out just about everywhere, the beginner would probably be happy here, but an expert looking to feel gravity most of the way down, wouldn't be. I took the snocat tug up to the top, and was able to find a few powder lines, but that terrain has a funky layout with runout into gullies, not something i would want to do all day.

The mountain was very very sunny and warm compared to Snowbird, which I skied on Friday and Sunday(excellent sweet conditions, just about everywhere top to the very bottom).

i can absolutely see how Powder Mtn would the place on a powder day. Probably straight untracked shots all day long, it snowed a few inches 4 days before we got there. But without fresh snow, and in the end of February, on a temperate day(not really warm though), not the place to be.

Biggest complaint - the lefts are sooooo slooooow and long. Because the terrain is flat, it takes a very long time to get up the mtn. The doubles at Snowbird and Alta, never bother me, but these lifts operated at a much slower velocity and covered alot more ground to get the same elevation.

my main description of Powder Mtn - Quirky. Big thumbs down on the food situation, at least when I was there. that's another story, as is the workers. Wished I would've skied Alta that day.
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a fair assessment--powder days and 1-2 days after are the time to hit that place.
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Quirky - I agree. Although Powder Mt. can be an incredible place during/right after a storm, it can be rather underwhelming between storms. Although there is some charm in the antiquated facilities, that only takes the place so far. As you mentioned, low elevation AND lower angle terrain is a bad formula for off-winter (fall & spring) skiing. One of the two can overcome a lot: Snowbasin has lower elevation terrain, but it's relative steepness keeps the snow in better shape; Targhee has moderate terrain but it's elevation keeps the snow fresh. Snowbird/Alta have the best of both worlds: steep & high.

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