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Umm. Helmets, that is....

I was going to post this in the Gear thread, but I'm afraid it wouldn't get much viewership.

I smacked my head pretty good, and feel like I probably shold start looking into replacing my Giro Fuse (no detectable damage, but I'm still concerned). Don't get me wrong, I love the Fuse, but only for the easy venting capability for the warm weather we get around these parts (mid atlantic - a.k.a. Banana belt)

I also realize that I need to find the best possible fit for my small, odd shaped head. To be honest, the Giro helmets were not the greatest fitting for me. I don't care for the bulk of the Fuse and 9 because goggle straps don't like to stretch that far and because I look even dorkier than my normal dorky self with a thick helmet. I sort of like the look of the full helmets better than the half helmets, but I have to wonder if I'd overheat in one.

So I'm wondering what sort of brands/models are good for warm environments (and someone who doesn't easily get cold) but also has a slimmer profile. What helmets should I, or should I not look into? Does anyone have a helmet they hate? Why? Does your helmet have great ventilation and you can ski in it when it's 50 degrees outside? Any quirks? How does it handle at speed (my Fuse feels like it wants to lift off my head when I'm going mach schnell).

As a closing note, I realize that function over form is the priority here, but all else being equal, I'd rather not look like such a goober. So I'm really just trying to find out if I can get a "all things being equal" situation.
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JohnH, I really like the Marker M3 and am on my second one. I don't feel it when I'm skiing, there's no pull on it from wind when going mach schnell, and it seems to me light and comfortable. I do overheat easily, and I rarely find myself removing it. FWIW...
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(and sorry, but I did move it to the Gear Discussion forum...)
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i have a Giro Talon. Giro helmets fit my head well, both bike and ski. I do not notice it when i ski. It was also the only comfortable helmet in the shop, when i got it.
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Slightly off topic.
Some helmets are designed for multiple impacts, some for single impact. There should be something on the helmet to indicate which type it is. Single impact helmets may offer little or no protection after a severe impact. Carry on.
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The only multi impact helmet that I am aware of is the Marker M3. And it still says that it should be repalced after a major impact. It states that it is multi impact if you hit your head more that once in a fall. So if you are tumbling and smack your head two or three times.
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