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Atomic 9.12

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Back in early april my race coach sent my atomic 9.12 back to the factory because the base was coming out of the ski (here in PA we ski on ice about 85%-90% of the time, so many racers around here trash a pair of skis every year because of delamination and base separation). So, i went to my coaches ski shop and ask if my new skis are in. I talked to one of the employees and he told me that Atomic called back and said they won't be in until late summer. I was pretty pissed considering i'm going to a race camp at Mt. Hood is july, and the only skis I have left are my Atomic 9.20 GS ski, and another crap pair of all mountain skis. Does anyone know why they can't get the skis to me sooner? I saw proctorjones.com selling the new SL9's on their site. So why can't Atomic get them to me sooner?

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Use some demo skis while at Mt. Hood. Every ski company has a rep at Mt hood in the summertime.
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thanks, i forgot about that. I will have to spend more money though
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Demo's are often free, if you are at a camp.
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Thanks, I didnt know that. I'll be up their in mid july for a two week session.
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