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Zip fit plug"either" and kryptons

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OK i figured we should have a different one for the kryptons


I recieved my liners on last thursday morning with great anticipation for i had been through 5 liners with varius problems and was seriously considering snowboarding"the dark side".I heated up my boots to about 100 degrees and threw liners into microwave for about 45 seconds pulled out of said microwave .Placed new liner carefully into boots and placed foot into said boot .Followed the directions lifted heel to form pocket pulled laces and tightened strap.Now i tried to buckle boot and lower was real hard and middle was impossible but top was fine"i realize the liners will/would compress".I rig a extension and its fine except but when i unbuckled it it flew accross room .So i made an appointment with the bootfitter and he has raichle cables on hand so friday afternoon i drive 70 miles get the cables and we get everything situated"and a spare cable just in case"boots feel pretty good but i realize i have to ski it to get the real feel.I wake up sat morning turn my boot dryer on place my 12 volt mice into boot put in car ,plug in mice and away we go.About 20 minutes away from ski area i have wife check heaters and my right boot feel cold so as we are driving at 65 mph i am pulling mouse out and it is cold!...I jiggle it and it starts to warm a little ,i have my wife switch mice and away we go.I get to mountain ,place towel into boot "to trap heat" and leave heater in untill i get into lodge.I place foot into boot and now have both boots on and am sweating like a pig"Hot feet i guess" get out and on first run with boots buckled my feet feel like they are cramping up.I unbuckle the bottom 2 buckles and still feel like thet where in a vice.I ski a couple runs doing what i have been doing all season "unbuckle on chair and rebuckle at the start of the run",I feel totally off balance and my stance is all screwed up so after about 5 runs i head back into lodge take boot off and move some material with thumb put them back on and out we went.They fit alittle better but still had to do the unbuckle dance"i am sick of this".Skied till 2 and went to bar untill 5"i have not done this in 25 yrs".


did same as day 1 to start"fixed broken wire on my mouse heater" got to lodge put on boots and started sweating"hot feet???"went out and again feet felt like shit came in after 2 runs and took them off and put back on skied a couple runs and came back in and took them off and well did this 4 times in a 2.5 hour time frame.Now i have really had it but i am a trooper and try to loosen up the buckles and now i can ski with top 2 buckles buckled all the time and lower one the only one i need to unbuckle/buckle"the buckle dance" .I only skied with them sat/sun and believe that my next day will get even better.I do need to return to bootfitter because my right foot seems to slide on my footbed to where my arch doesnt feel right..

will post days 3,4,5, and 6 on monday after skiing again
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You're way over due for a break after reading your post. I hope you can resolve the liner fit issues.
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OK a quick note on the next round
The heaters "dryguy circulators 12 volt" melted right foot bed"felt like a rock under arch".I skied about 6 or 7 more days and even though towards end of day they felt better the start was a real pain in the ass..I would get boot on and buckled and by the time i skied down to lift i was in pain...Did the buckle dance and got to top i had to go to lodge and remove boot and adjust material to relive some of the pressure on right foot"this was partially caused by deformed foot bed"...Then would ski down and back into lodge to adjust boot liner again"i remind u that i put liner on foot then foot into boot shell so as not to deform/reform material...I did this for about 4 days and figured out the foot bed issue and had a new one made but after the miserable season i have had after 3 days with a good foot bed i removed zipfits and am using stock liners.When i say i am disgusted to the point of quitting i am serious but its what i love and i continue to play with my intuiton liners as we speak....Next season if still employed will look into 2 different boots instead of pair"costly i know"of maybe 2 different liners
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As you know, some people like the Zipfit plug liner. It seems they do not work for you. In this case there are other options. IMO if your boots are in good shape and they are the correct size (i assume they are), you could consider another liner. I see no reason to get a new boot if you like the fit of your kryptons just because you have a problem with the stock liner.
If i were in youe place i would look at the Dobermann lace up liner. It is thin/very thin, with flow ankle pockets and an adjustable tongue. No bulk.
I suggested the Dobie lace up liner to a member of our community and he likes them. He was also looking at the zipfits but bought the Dobermanns.
I am sure he would recommend them. The foot hold is simply amazing.
A better foot hold and even comfort can be achieved with this liner (b/c it is thinner). I know it does not make sense but after you try it, you'll know what i mean.
what don't you like about the stock liner?

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stock liners
a sad story of a man and his liner

The stock liner story started in november
I was a cold dark nite and the wind whipped the roof off the rainbow colored dogs house.

I bought boots in oct ...wore arround house for about 15 hours and then skiied for about 10 days and i noticed the upper and lower filling was seperating and caused a tube like protrusion on back of foot about 5 or 6 inches above heel on 1 liner.So i went to boot fitter and he gave me a replacement liners.I skied for about 5 or 6 days and i felt like my toes were banging into front of liner.I thought it was a mechanical problem and skied for a few more days and again returned to boot fitter and we decided to open front seam to let the toe free"at this point i was offered a 2007 intuition liner and was told it was only a matter of time and i would have it..SO i opened seam and now my whole foot felt out of wack and very cold...i skied thta way for a few days and again i returned to the boot fitter and he gave me a another replacement "lower quality than the first 2" we stretched out a little longer and off i went...Now this liner was like a women who had 12 kids i tried to ski it but was way to lose.I called the boot fitter and he assured me new liner was on its way.I got the call a few days later"now understand i am skiing 3 to 4 days a week and this was going on for 2 months and it now 2nd week of january" and off i go to the bootfitter,we heat the liners in the oven get the boots on and wait about 15 min and i am ready and they felt great.Skied the next day and right foot felt perfect and left felt a liitle off ...So i figured it was a breakin thing and skied for about another 10 days and i realized my heel lifted when i was skiing ..So back to bootfitter and left liner goes in over"i figured i moved it while it set up the last time".I let it set up and i dont budge its like i held my breath for 15 minutes.Again off i go and after about 5 more days on the snow my f*****g heel is still coming up while skiing ,now i am an easy going guy and at this point i am ready to quit or worse yet try snowboarding i have had 1 pair of boots that fit and now have gone thru 4 prs since with no pleasure only pain and frustration...So off to boot fitter and i am stumped he is stumped..we ponder ,here we have a fully moldable liner that is forming its own heel pocket yet it dont hold heel...right heel is perfect..So i say ,as i take off my sock and stand on the pedastle,to both my wife and keith"the bootfitter" what do you see is there something wrong with my f*****g heel.And they both say..pat you have no defintion to heel it looks like a block of wood..So when we formed heel pocket it was flat no definition...So we tried pad but to no avail it felt like i was pushing foot forward...Now i skied and skied and skied and made pad and cut pads and taped pad for weeks and finally on superbowl sunday after 11 hours of experiments i could go no more.AT this point i switched back to stock liners.They felt ok for a few hours but packed out a little during day.Now i read up on the zipfits and find a pair on ebay"65 bucks of garbage",i find out my boot fitter has a pair that were 2 or 3 years old but unused.So off i go back to bootfitter and i give him the instructions first we heat the boot ,then into the microwave goes the liner,liner into the heated boot,and foot into heated pair.Now we try to buckle and no f*****g way ...keith is pushing with all his wieght and having a problem closing bottom buckle and it a real fight to get middle one closed but we do it.I let them cool down for about 20/30 minutes on my feet and as we wait the liners are compressing to the point i can get the buckles buckled no problem ..So i throw my boots under dash and heat is on full blast to the mountain..I have a 35 min ride from hunter mt to belleayre and i get there rush in to lodge and f*****g A i cant get them buckled.So i go back to stocks and purchase new zipfit plugs, bring to shop ,replace middle cable with an old flexon cable"about 2 inches longer and its feelin pretty good,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,refer to first post,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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