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Who to talk to at GMOL

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Friends, I plan to take a trip to GMOL over the weekend to have my wife fitted for new boots and to have footbeds made for the two of us (I am a romantic). Any suggestions for particular bootfitter to deal with? Thanks.
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To a certain extent it may be who happens to available when you show up. You ought call for an appointment. I would also quess that picking and choosing a fitter is also something that you'd have much less of a chance of doing on a weekend than on a weekday.
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Greg Hoffman owns the place and occasionally shows up here as GMOLfoot. To be sure, he doesn't hire anyone that isn't 100% qualified. So short answer is, it doesn't matter.

Go out and ski before the fitting (same day, same conditions). Maybe take some video. Then, after the fitting, do it again. I think he still has Peter Palmer on his staff (PSIA examiner), who will go out and ski with customers to check what needs to be done or if there are any issues after the work.
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There have been a couple GMOL "reviews" lately. See:


and mine at:


I don't think you can really go wrong at the place. I would recommend calling them to make an appointment though; plan on being there for quite a while.
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