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Originally Posted by brannen
had to cut it. scissors worked.
Despite this, I've been pretty religious about using my anemic cable lock all season.

Remember of the story of the bear chasing the two campers: One stopped to slip on his running shoes. The other says, "those aren't going to help you outrun a bear." "No, but I only need to outrun you."

Not that I think anyone really wants to grab my disco-yellow RPM 21s or my ratty old snowboard, but targets of opportunity usually don't have pesky cable locks attached to them.
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Same thing happened to my Kryptonite 4 digit retractable lock. Luckily it happened when the lock wasn't on my skis. I took it home and beat it with a hammer.

Then I went and bought another (jeeze, I'm dumb!)
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I've had my skikey lock ice/freeze up on me. I now always bring some de-icer spray in the knapsack just incase. Had to use the spray just this weekend cuz the lock froze up solid. I also keep it handy for those odd ocassions where the car door locks freeze up too.
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A team mate of my daughter years ago at Blue had his retractable Kryptonite lock seize up. The wire cutters we used to unlock them were more than your casual set. So, that's what I got my daughter -- I figured the kid just forgot his combo. Her lock has also seized up on occasion, so she leaves her new race skis unattended all the time. Apparently better for mom to have to replace them than to miss a start!
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Originally Posted by skidiver
this is what I use, no cables:

I went to see if this was available around me, never having seen it. It lists MY MOUNTAIN as having them, but I know I've never seen them!!! I can vouch they are not at the summit, at the Chalet, or at the Outpost. Will have to examine the racks in front of Moguls restaurant, but I thought they were no different than any of the others. Anyway, I'd take those listings with a grain of salt. If we have four areas with racks but the Skikey is only at one location, what good does that do me?
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Originally Posted by B R
I use mine twice a weekend at Waterville. You must be that other set of skis i see there. it certainly isn't used all that much.

the only one i know of is by the ski shop. are there any others that i haven't seen?

i use them all over the NE. canon has a bunch at a few different lifts (boy was it cold there yesterday); loon, waterville, jay peak. i haven't been to a place that didn't have them this year (have not skied killington).

i carry it with me everywhere i go. can hardly tell it's in my pocket.
yep, that's probably me. my skis and my kids' two snowboards (this past weekend, only my skis) are usually the only things locked in the rack (the other things often there are a collection of old straight skis leaning against the rack). the rack by the ski shop is the only one I've found at WV, but I haven't looked at the summit lodge. I like 'em a lot. if you order several locks at once, you can get them all on the same key system, so I only carry one key for all our locks.

it's good to hear the racks are plentiful at Cannon. we may get our passes there next season.
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