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Am I being overly anal?

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Me: 5'10, 165#, DIN 7-8
Ski: 180 Volkl Explosiv (used 10 days, basically new except 1 previous drill)
Bindings: solly 912 (used 30 ish days)

My question comes on the bindings.
Would anyone have any reservations or qualms with mounting these bindings to those skis?

I guess I get caught up in all the mantra regarding all metal higher din bindings and just a little unsure these will be a reasonable pairing since theyre an "inferior" binding. Granted I wouldnt have much use for a s916 because of my DIN setting, but maybe a s900 carbon?

I guess another thing thats on my mind would be resale value...not that I want to sell them yet because I just bought them and havent even ski'd them yet/cant wait. I also guess I dont want to add another set of holes and have a crappy binding on there.

The only solly bindings Ive skied on have been on demo tracks, generally the 810ti and the 912tis a few times, and never had trouble. I guess Im just a little more leary because theyre used, but in good condition, people complaining about AFDs and toe wings, and that its not a current retail model. I am however very happy I got them with wide brakes for 70$.

valid conerns or do I need to just mount these bindings to my new skis and go rip?
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No worries here.
I have 912 Tis on my Mantras. Been using 912s or S900s since the early 90s and have never had a single problem. I've probably purchased 7 sets in that time span.
Like you said, at your DIN a higher spring rate binding is pointless.
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I'm pretty sure I'm an isolated case, but I've had nothing but trouble from my 810Tis on my Public Enemies vs. the Look/Rossis on my other skis which have been flawless. Being a cheapskate finally caught up with me the other week when I started prereleasing at the heel like nuts for a few days... thought I had it fixed until one ejected while taking it relatively easy in a few inches of crud. Took it to the shop, they found nothing wrong. Being a cheapskate finally got me in the ass it looks like.
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use the demos (can you reuse the old holes? as in will they fit your boots) that is best
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i guess I wasnt totally clear mntlion

Bought skis used from someone who had them mounted tele.
Removed bindings, plugged holes, and sold to me.

my demo experience has been from demoing skis over the past couple seasons.

bought s912 with wide brakes to mount to exploders

still have time before skis arrive to get new bindings if needed
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Running a DIN of 7-8 those bindings should be fine. The all metal housing becomes more of an issue when you are running higher DINS (12 and up), then the strength is needed to resist deformation under the higher loads.
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im fine with the solly's

found a great thread at the "other" board
tons of great info I dont know is mirrored in another thread here

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