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How bombproof are NAXOS???

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I just got a pair of naxos for cheap, and am wondering how bombproof they really are. I am a tahoe skier, alpine and squaw, and love going big off the christmas lift or off granite chief. Fortunatly, I also have a pair of head supermojo 183's at home, just wondering if anyone has had any expierence with this setup or one like it? They are the naxo nx01s, with a din that goes to twelve. Pretty much, i'm asking if these bindings are burley enough to handle 20+ foot cliffs and eye watering gs turns on the groomers to get to the pow?

Many Thanks
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which model

not that I have the answer as I dont have first hand experience with them
but i think it would help those that do to know

what model year - pre or post 04/05

supposedly the earlier models had questionable components

i assume youre talking about SAC nx01s yesterday?
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do it, worse case if they break (some earlier ones did) then get them replaced with the newer onse.

sounds like you are not touring multi day etc. and if they break, it is not life and death, just a PITA.
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Thank god for SAC

You were right in guessing that i got them off steep and cheap, how else is a poor college kid supposed to get by. I dont know if they were the first or second version, but ill find out soon.
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should be the second version.
If you look around, you can find good deals. I got the nx01's with 4 days of use for that same price. Granted the SAC's were brand spankin new, but similiar prices are around. Always keep your eyes open

one question though... are you using these for touring or skiing lift served? They aren't going to be as bomber as a true alpine binding, thats for sure. Those 103's are pretty heavy (if i remember right) and you might not be touring with them for very long.

either backcountry.com or tramdock has Tyrolia Mojo 15's for $150, great deal if you need alpine bindings to huck in. Throw in some trekkers if you just do a few short tours every once in a while.
IMO I'd stick the mojo's on the 103's, then pick up a cheap ski over the summer for touring with the naxo's
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Just got back from a trip where a friend had some. We didn't ski anything that gnarly, but they did seem to hold up well.

The real problem he had was locking the heel down. I bet there's a way to mess with the lock to make it easier (possible) to flip with a pole.
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