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Well it finally happened to me. I sent my new Atomic BR11.20's to ***** ******* ****** here in Michigan and they came back in awful shape. I brought them in on a Friday and they were supposed to be back Wed., which cut out a day of my planned three days of skiing this week, oh well no biggie I thought. They didn't come back Wed.(no explanation why) they didn't come back Thurs.,no explanation why, even after the shop in my town called the sevice center. They finally come back Friday at 5pm(still no known explanation). So much for any skiing this week.

The edges are literally 1/3 less wide than originally with a grinding gouge mistake near the tip that nearly cuts the edge in half, the sharp edge is gone and its ground down to the p-tex!!The store manager told me that since it isn't part of the direct snow contact it won't make a difference, my face probably became a bit contorted at that statement. Seems to me that the tip is compromised strength-wise, particularily to drilling into something hard. There is a fresh p-tex gouge on a tail that was not there when I sent them in. This I was told had to have happened before I gave the skis to them to be ground. Not. There were fresh chunks of plastic raised above the gouge that any competant grind would have eliminated, proving to me that it happened afterward. The bottoms are not perfect, there are two hollows on one ski and one on the other ski. In fairness, why I should be I don't know, the bottoms are better than they came from the factory which was why I brought them in in the first place.

I told them the exact specifics of what I wanted, 1 degree base, 3 degree side, a linear grind and no wax. I have recieved nothing in the way of restitution or appology or explanation of why they took two extra days, or what happened to them that required one full week to complete. I'm worried that they ran them through and 90 degreed my edges, discovered their mistake, and attempted to figure a way to cover it up, only a suspiction tho.

The managers solution was to not charge me for the"grind", in other words, I didn't have to pay for them to f$*k up my skiis. How nice. The counter person then attempted to take the free grind voucher back at which point the manager quickly stepped in to prevent the clerks dismemberment.

I really feel like they took 1 to 2 years life off of my skis and may have made them vulnerable to tip breakage in the process. I AM PISSED. But I don't know what a right course of action is, I am irritated enough to not trust my judgement here. Do they owe me new skis, should they address the fact that I missed three days of skiing due to their incompetance? Can they be repaired to original condition. What do I do. I've never been in this position before and need to know my rights and options and what I should reasonably expect from the shop.

Please you Bears, help a brother out before a 'postal' incident occurs. : : :

edit: after cooling out a bit, I decided to remove the name for now til I see what results I get, if none it'll be back in very quickly.

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Okay, I cannot see your skis in either their pre- or post-tune condition, so I assume that things truly are as bad as you say.

Now with that said, understand that I worked for 8 years in the DC area's finest ski shop, a shop that truly cares about having long-term satisfied customers.

I think that no matter what ski shop we are talking about, the shop has an obligation to do repairs and/or tunes in a way that is LEAST invasive and LEAST destructive. When I was a shop rat, I was one of those folks who occasionally wanted some peace and would retreat to the grinding room for some mega-sharpening jobs, assembly-line style. It wasn't uncommon for me to do 30 pair at a stretch.

Some skis are in horrible shape and need lots of grinding to get a workable platform from which to make the essential tune and/or gouge repair. In a new ski, this usually isn't the case, unless the skier did one of the typical dumb things like ski on unthinkable conditions, ski to his/her car at the end of the day, walk on pavement or snow obviously filled with stones, etc.

I assume you didn't do one of those typical dumb things. If you did, the discussion ends here, and the shop owes you nothing.

If you didn't, then read on.

The only skis that I ever reduced the edge by half or third were skis that had a combined severe corrosion layered on top of an extremel dull and rounded edge. The reduction of bad metal necessitated a loss of edge steel. Usually these skis were several seasons old, and had experienced several seasons of true neglect.

A good shop rat would know when to grind hard and excessively, and when not, and when to report an error. A good shop head mechanic would take the error to the shop owner and tell him/her about it. The shop would figure out a solution. The ski owner would be compensated.

Sometimes, in the throes of super-busy holiday rush jobs, shop rat errors can slip by unnoticed. Some customers don't check the ski when they pick it up; sometimes the shop employees are too busy to show the ski owner the quality of the work and what was done.

My point is to let you know that you should be prepared to tell the shop that you know mistakes can happen, and you should not assume there is some big "cover-up" at work here. If you do so, the shop should be ready to accept the problem and discuss resolution.

If you took the skis home and are taking them back to show the problem, you are going to have a tougher time. The shop now cannot be sure you haven't used the skis again. Your honesty is at issue, and you must show some willingness to demonstrate your good faith.

The key to resolving your problem is patience, calmness, persistence and flexibility. If the shop doesn't respond adequately, you always could report the shop to the local Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Commerce, Attorney General Consumer Fraud Unit, etc.
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Thanks for the reply, the situation is as I have stated,I really wish it was exageration. I was so angry because of the absolute lack of concern on the part of the shop in regard to these problems.

When I went into the shop I was certain to examine the skis with the person in charge so that we saw the same skis at the same time, I was trying to avoid confusion and be sure we were on the same page.

I'm not sure why there was such a lack of response, they've not acted this way with me before. I wouldn't have trusted them with my new babies otherwise. What are responsible shops generally willing to do for people who run into a problem like this?? If they choose to be uncooperative, am I just left holding the bag? Thanks for any info. Hope the snow comes back.
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I would demand to see or speak with the owner of the shop. Any owner with any integrity, when faced with a credible story of an employee wrecking a customer's skis, will compensate you in a way that satisfies you. That could range from a new pair at cost to a new pair free. Once I stopped at a shop on the way back to NY from Stratton to have a sticky brake looked at. The diagnosis was defective binding, and they suggested I buy a new one from them at a cheap price. The skis were new Stockli Stormrider 2's. I agreed to the binding and the tech drilled using the wrong template. So I agreed to their gesture of a free upgrade to the race binding that would have gone with the erroneous jig. I agreed again. Then the hapless tech proceeded to drill right through the ski. We both looked at it in silent disbelief. To shorten this up, the owner got on the phone, apologized profusely, and had the manager pay me full retail for new Stocklis. That earned them a customer. Moral? They wreck it, they buy it.
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