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Hello All,

I am new to this forum and I'm new to skiing as well.But I am really into it.
I quickly progressed from a real noob to a rather intermediate skier in 2 months,about 8 days of ski in total.(I have work to do so one day a week is all I can do).I didn't use an instructor,because I have some good friends that are good skiers,and they taught me some stuff.Now I'm kinda stuck in this medium clishee,I am trying to figure out a personal style,and I do not know which way to go.First of all, I am reading and watching videos and talking to people,and the first question that rises,hope it's not so stupid : I have noticed different techniques : one would be keeping the skies very close to one another,and doing a Phantom Move.Another would be carving while heavily bending the inner knee and not having the skies so close.Question is : are these indeed different types ? And where do they apply best ?
Unfortunately the slopes in Romania here are rather steep and bumpy,so most of the time I just find myself trying to keep my balance rather than enjoying skiing all the time.
For now what I can do is ski using the 2nd method,or plain and simple, without keeping my skies one next to the other at all times.I am having trouble with skiing with my knees and skies "tied" and I have a friend who does this so good! But he cannot explain,I guess he doesn't have it in him.
I have noticed that when skiing the "tied" way you can go downhill on a short track...if it is 2m wide,it's enough,while I cannot do this by carving.
So anyway please put some light on this methods,and let me know where I can study more before going to practice.Thanxs in advance.
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Oops please remove this thread,I mistakenly started it again trying to change the title.Sorry.
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