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Legends of 2007

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The Dynastar Legends of 2007 are up for sale in a few stores now (http://www.sport-conrad.com is one such store).

I can't find any information on whether they have changed anything but the looks since the current model. Any of you know something about this??
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Supposedly just new topsheet per TGR maggots.
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On that website, the waist and tail measurements are 1 mm smaller than the current 05/06 Legend 8800. May only be something lost in translation though. I don't know.
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Thanks for the link but.....

EWWW! I'm glad I bought this years that is Fugly
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all the 4800/8000/8800 should be the same except for graphics(note that the different lenghts of 8000/8800 did have different dimensions especially in the shorter lengths so that is nothing new...
in pro riders there will be a 176 most likely with the same graphic as the new exclusive powder
the 186 and 194 LPR will be essentially unchanged except for graphics plus there will be the new LPR XXL in 194 but wider through the whole ski...
graphically it seems to be running 70% like 30% dislike the new graphic, but fwiw the dislike crew seem to be hippies....
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I liked the retro look of the old models more. The new look seems to be more in the line with so many of the other skis. Slightly trashy park-ski looks similar to so many other brands. But hey, I may be drifting outside the primary target group for the ski agewise.
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Thanks for the info Waxman. A LP in 176 sounds interesting. too bad they didn't have that this year.

I see the 8000 is avail in two graphics again do you know what the differances are.



any links or info on the new LP's or exclusive powders?

LOL the dislikes are likely hippies. I personally really like the graphics of the retro Rossi's (Rip Stick, Rip Chick, Hip Chick and the Stratos 102) but I love this years 8800 graphics. They glow in the dark almost.

As long as they keep making good ski's I could care less what they look like.
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the one with 517 as the last 3 digits is the "fiber" one that was available in the USA and europe this season judging from the pic, i don't spreichen sie deutsch....
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I figured it out later but there is a UK flag top right that changes the site to english.

Still (as usuall on most ski sites, inlcuding Dynastars) doesn't explain the differance at all.

when you find out or know of any links to the new 07 product please give us a heads up. I am really interested in picking up the 8000 or a HP carve stick for next year.
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There's a bit of info here as well. http://www.ski-review.com/content/view/198/34/
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mb the difference is graphic only pacesetter might have catalogs(or even the skis around right now) i think that sundance has the new 8000 in stock as do some Calgary stores
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Thanks for the link Razorface. Dayam they uglied up the pro as well.

A LP XXL over and above the Pro. nice !

I was hoping for a resized 8800. I wish it had a bit more tip size, and a tad more width at the tail. I can't say my 8800 is lacking but I wonder what a bit more shape to the ski would produce while staying at 89 mm waist. A bit more zing would be nice, a bit more SL activity without harming the already great other attributes.
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