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Originally Posted by justanotherskipro
Vlad, I would agree to a point about how much you hang onto this idea. Once you have a quiet and disciplined torso it is time to willfully break some rules. Before that point however, we need to explore purposeful movements of the torso, instead of random movement.
sure, and along with this idea goes that of first exploring 'purposeful' (and far more important) movements of the 'lower leg'.
were we to try to align the back with the lower leg whilst exploring the vast and dynamic parameters of cuff-angle, we'd really toss a wrench into the ole' works....
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how about quoting the whole statement and not just one part??

disagree. there's little reason for a pupil to dwell on upper-body attitude if they're in a basically good stance.
OOps, you're banned!

Skiing with the same angle between the shins and back is only good if the shins are at good angle. I think of it as being a visual cue of a well balanced position on skis. There are also situations where the angles might be very different (skiing off a bump), but good dynamic is also achieved.
Let your internal balancing mechinisms dictate the angles that are right for the situation.
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Vlad I would disagree with the sequence because without some discipline in the torso we are talking about balancing in a gross motor arena. Linked recoveries instead of directionally disciplined movements. As you have said elsewhere we need to be eliminating extraneous movements first. Then we can explore range of motion and pertubation drills.
Clean up the movements, establish a focus on balancing first, then move into widening that range of recoverable balancing and turning maneuvers.
Lets not put the cart in front quite yet.
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