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Need some MA

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Admittedly, the only MA I really need is something to wipe the big ol' grin off my face!

(that and holding a camera steady)
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I like the powder straps so you don't lose her in the loud powder.

Looks like the ski school she's enrolled in is doing a great job.
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Cool ... she needs to angulate a little more. Her right turn is good, but she should ....... HA HA HA ... just kidding!

How old is she? I have a 4 year old who loves skiing and is doing quite well too .

On a serious note, I hope you know how to use those straps, I've seen so many people ruin a child's skiing by using those improperly. I now have a very bad reaction to seeing a child attached to those straps ... until I see a person using them correctly then I breathe a big sigh of relief.

Have fun ... keep on skiing
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I remember...

Hey, JohnH,

No wonder you took some time off. You've been having too much fun with your daughter! Nice job.

I remember when my daughter was 4 (uh, 19 yrs ago!), we started by playing a game. I came toward her and told her that she had to tell me when to stop. After a few tries (she loved controlling me) I had her point her hand to one direction to tell me where to go. Literally I had done this only a half dozen times where she was so excited to do it herself she wouldn't let me do it anymore. After a dozen times she was making the kind of turns your daughter is making and we were riding the J-bar.

Congratulations, you're doing a great job and thanks for reminding me.

BTW, I ran into a friend of yours at the DevTeam/DCL clinic at Killington a few weeks ago. I'm trying out again in two weeks. I have a whole new attitude about it.

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Candude - she's 4. She's been skiing that well since last year. On steeper stuff she's skidding all of her turns, but that hill has a nasty double fall line. I had a better vid clip that shows skidded turns, but it ends with her in the tuna net (snow fence), so I decided to use this one. As you can see, I don't use the harness much. She makes me take it out of the pouch "just in case", but we just let it drag behind her. Yeah, you only put any tension on them in an emergency, and not for long.

WV - Yeah, that video was shot up at Windham. We were up there with Mark (probably the guy you ran into - he made Dev Team last year). Good luck on the tryouts. My guess is you'll nail it. But then again, it all depends on who else is trying out and how many slots they have. Letting in 2 out of 40 is tough when you are making the standards, but some young hotshot beats you buy a point or two.
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I hate to tell you John, but she's over rotating. Get to work on that...
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Originally Posted by Lonnie
I hate to tell you John, but she's over rotating. Get to work on that...
What I noticed on that particular run was that she wasn't "flapping" hard enough. The movement was only coming from the hands. Normally, when she gets the arms completely involved, she skis much better

Yup, she rotates. but everything is on such a small scale that she doesn't normally over rotate (but she's just a kid and yes, kids rotate - but at least she isn't trying to turn the skis with her upper body). On those little skis, if I try to hold the harness, I usually have to just let go, because she turns those things so quick that I end up getting "juked" and trying to catch her. I look like a lion trying to catch a rabbit - you know, when the rabbit cuts left and the lion's feet fold under him and he crashes and loses the rabbit.
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