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Advice on new purchase, Rossi B4, Rossi Scratch BC or Atomic Sugar Daddy

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Hello everyone-

I'm new to the forums, and I wanted to get some advice on a new ski purchase. A little about me, 6'2, about 265lbs or so, football player build. I'm 28 now, been skiing for about 24 years or so now. I'm not sure what an "expert" is these days, but I guess I'd have to classify myself as one for abilitiy purposes. I don't ski that often each year any more, but mostly in Austria and 90% Off piste with guides. I don't mind skiing on groomed trails, but I prefer off piste and powder.

I currently ski on a pair of 2001 (Red) Rossi Bandit XXs 184cm. I have the 914S bindings on them. I love these skis, especially in crud and skied over powder as well as the deep snow. I'm looking to upgrade to a fatter ski and one that will handle the deep stuff even better.

I looked at the new 2006 B4s as I like the my current XX bandits, as well as the Rossi Scratch BC ski and the Atomic Sugar Daddy. All have similar waists and seem to be what I'm looking for. I'd like to get some info/recommendation on what other Skiers have experienced with these skis and the pros/cons of all 3. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Anyone have any thoughts?


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I have not tried them. But I just bought a B3 because I wanted a good all-around ski for groomed that could also do powder and off-piste.

For mainly powder and off-piste, I would choose the B4. It is very popular here in Seattle. Possibly better suited for a big person.

The Scratch BC is narrower than the B4, similar in dimensions to the B3.

These are good choices.
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if'n you're that large, the stiffer ski is your friend. B4, B-Squad, Legend Pro.

not fond of Atomics myself, but that means nothing. many excellent skiers love them. I just don't know as much about them.
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5'7" 185lbs ski the xx in 184 also (99/00 model, white w/red black tribal). Still love that ski, however I like a fatter ski for off trail. If you prefer a softer,even flexing ski for off trail and deep pow then the b4 in the longest lenght available could work, but given your size and experience I would opt for the squad in 189 if you like a shorter ski or the 193(not sure of exact size) if you prefere a longer ski. I ski the b4 in a 185 and its a great pow/ all mountain ski except for firmer, death cookie, crusty snow. I recenty acquired a pair of 184 squads and at first flex thought "uh-oh might of bit off more than I can chew". All can say now is these babies are stiff but sooo skiable. They hold an edge on hardpack almost as good as my solly 2vs, ski crud,crust,cookies,wind slab with authority. I have not had the chance to check the powder performace and since I've never skied a ski this stiff in powder I will not even guess how they might perform, might be great,might like the b4 better in the soft stuff, dont know. B3 is also a great ski, I have these in a 178 mounted w/fritschis for the backcountry. The squads hold a better edge than both the b4 and b3.
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if you like the rossi flex, stick with them, atomic is a much stiffer feel in the tail
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Thanks for the advice guys!!

I've never skied on Atomics and if most of you can remember, Atomics were nothing over 6 or 7 years ago, just my opinion. I think I will see if I can try out a pair of the B4s and the "B Squad" that you guys recommend.

I checked out those B Squad skis and they look pretty fat. How come they stiffer than the B4s if it looks like they are made for straight powder?

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B4's are made for speed, hucks and powder, not just mellow blue run figure eights
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maybe get some 193cm Head M103's
you can get new ones for pretty cheap.
also in the same lineup
188 stiff bros
190 V Explosivs
191? Blizzard Titan Pros
193? Dynastar Legend Pro
or if you got the cash just get some fat\stiff www.igneousskis.com

edit: oh yea, forgot abouth 191 Armada ANTs
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