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Volkl 5 Star Length

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Hey guys,
I am a level 8 skiier, looking to buy some 5 stars. I am 6'3" and 180lbs. What should be the length I am looking at?
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Not sure if this will help or not. I'm probably a level 7, 6'0" and 195. I ski the 5 stars in 175. A lot of people tried to get me on the 168s, but I held out and haven't been disappointed. I would demo the 168s and 175s and see how they feel.
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coin flip

Try both 168/175 if you can....if not flip a coin......and don't look back.
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I'm around a level 7, 5'11" 195# and purchased the 168. I wanted a shorter pair of skis so the 168s were what I demo'ed and purchased.
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Im 6-2 210 and have 6 stars in 175- you can handle the 175 5 stars. Depending on what turns you like, Id be more inclined to go with 175- of course, as mentioned earlier, demo if you can.
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