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NASTAR Nationals

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I qualified for the NASTAR National's this year as a 17-20 Male in the Bronze. They are being held at Steamboat, CO. I was wondering if anyone has ever gone to one before and can tell me whether or not they thought it was worth going. It's a pretty big expense but the mountain looks like it may be worth the trip out there. Any comments on the NASTAR aspect or the resort aspect of it would be great, thanks.
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Go to this site as well. Check out the forum there, great amount of info.

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I will be there int he 17-20 Male gold division. I have heard it is worth the expense.
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I'll be there with the MSRT team conducting race clinics for attending racers who are interested. Also participating in the race. It's a huge, and highly fun event. Many participants attend year after year.
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I have a few friends that are going this year. It's supposed to be a good time. Gin Blossoms are playing this year. I have a friend who's gunning for #1 in the fast, really old guy catagory. I qualified as a male 46 silver this year. In 2001 I qualified as a gold level but couldn't go and it's a little embarassing to be invited as a silver (did I slow down THAT much?). I might go just to race and have fun with my friends.
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Its a great time , Id definatly go if you have the chance. Even if not for the race part just to hang out with friends, I know i had a blast. I qualified for the Male 15 gold last year, and it was more of a competive race than i thought it would be.
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I'm going alone so I hoep to meet some people up there.
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