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Did My Demos this weekend, 3/25 - 3/26

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I finally demo some skis this weekend. I did 4 runs with all pairs on the same sets of trails, in the same trail order. except the last two. The conditions were a thin to thinner layer of LG over ice. I am male, 260, 5' 10", level 5-6 skier. The first runs mostly sucked, as i adjusted to the skis. I am not great in the ungroomed(new) stuff. I am also a cautious skier, not accustomed to speeds over 15 mph (could be the crappy rentals)

The Ski i Demoed are:
Saturday - upper 20's to low 30's 1" of fresh in the morning light wind
Head xrc 1100 in 163
These felt responsive and stable axcept in the man-made ungroomed stuff. I felt confident to try higher speeds, 15 - 20 mph.

Head Monster i.m. 77 in 170
I felt like i was fighting them the whole time. I did not feel comfortable on them, or safe.

Solomon Scrambler Hot
I did not feel in control.

Sunday - teens to low 20's, wind 10 - 15 w/gusts to mid 20's
Rossi Zenith Z5 Oversize in 162
They felt good. I had good control, the went edge to edge well. Had no problem staying in control. Very comfortable and stable at my speed limit.

Forgot this next one already, because i did not like it. Only did two runs.

Atomic M:10 in 157
Felt like i was born with them. Did two run because they felt soooooooo good, and I was getting cold.

I got an offer to purchase slightly used 2006 Metron B:5's in 162 for $500 with bindings. Will the B:5 be similar in performace, albiet stiffer, to the M:10

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the B-5 is alot more ski than the M10 and does not like to be skied as slowly. At your stated level and speed you will be much better off in an M10 or perhaps even an M9.
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Check over on Sierra Trading Post .com They have had some of last tears Atomic M10s at some pretty good prices. I haven't looked in a while so I have no idea of what they still have in stock.
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260 lbs, on a 157? I don't think so.
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Phil, what size would you reccomend? I am in the process of dropping some of the tonnage. Down 20 already. My goal is 220.
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At 260 pounds, you might really enjoy the 162 B5. I suspect you'd crush a 9 or even a 10. And if you drop to 220, the 162 B5 would still be a fine ski that you'd presumably have grown into. The performance, as others have noted, will be rather different than the 10.
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I want something to grow into. I feel that part ofwhat has kept me slower is the lack of good equipment. I did boots already and had the liners heat fitted, alignment and footbeds are next, and that has made a huge difference. I have made, in my mind, big improvments just this weekend in ability, skiing on better skis.

I appreciate the advice. Thanks
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