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Yet another Metron query

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I know that this subject has fairly well been done to death, but I really would appreciate any help that you can give me. I intend buying some new skis in the next few weeks, and Atomic M9s or M10s are at the top of my list.

To give some background, my current skis are 180cm R9.22s which I bought about 5 years ago (first of the yellow ones), and the previous pair were red 9.22s in 190cm. I liked them both, but prefer the 180s as they are that bit more nimble and very easy to ski.

I am age 60, height 6ft 1 in, weight 190lbs and have been skiing about 2 weeks a year mostly in Europe since my late 40s. I would say that I am a fairly average skier if there is such a thing – I am happy to ski pretty well anything on piste in reasonable conditions, and can cope with smaller bumps, but steeper icy bumps have me in survival mode. Deeper snow is a bit of a mystery to me, but I like to venture off the side of the piste once in a while, and would like to do it a bit more.

I didn’t take my skis on the last trip to the Sella Ronda with a view to hiring some M9s or M10s, but I couldn’t get hold of any and ended up on Rossignol Oversize 9X Tis in 167cm. For the first half day I didn’t like them much, as they only seemed to want to do short sharp turns, but things gradually improved, and after a while I was happy making any size turn. They seemed very stable, and the only speed limit was my lack of nerve. I didn't take them off piste.

The skis were very heavy to carry, (rental bindings perhaps) but I didn’t notice the weight at all when I was skiing. I thought that they tended to ride up over crud a bit rather than going straight through it, and they didn’t hold that well on the few bits of ice that I found, but to be fair, the edges didn’t seem very sharp to me (I service my own skis at home).

On the Metron size chart I seem to be between 164 and 171, and I am veering towards 164, mainly because I enjoyed the Rossignols in 167 and believe that the Metrons are designed to be skied shorter.

Any thoughts on suitable model and length?
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Simon... You've probably read it, but if not check out this thread:


There is a ton of feedback related to your question...
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171 for your size, the 164 is too short.
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I would tend to agree with Phil for those skis, unless you will tend to ski relatively slow recreational speeds. In the latter case, you could get by with the shorter length, I think.
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I would tend to agree with above but if you go short do the 10 and if you go to the 171 you might find the 9 easier to handle. I would tend towards the 9 in the 171.
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Thanks for the help guys. I will look around and see what is available in the UK. The late season sales should be starting about now.

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